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What's more? Define pls.

I squat once a week and I'm sore for 4 days after :eek:

My PB is at 80Kg @ 6 - 8 reps (I'm 70kg).


I'd ask you to consider squatting a minimum of twice a week.

The squat is proven to stimulate the endochrine system, squatting more regularly will also aliviate muscle soreness and although spot reducing is a myth, squatting stimulates the larger muscles of the body, the areas where fat cells reside for most of us.

Do you eat a lot of fibre?


No I'm not cambodian
I think diet plays a very important role here. If i were you I would eat more whole natural foods in the place of processed foods, unless you process it yourself and know exactly what's in it. Keep it how it comes from nature, every time I do this I loose more body fat overall, and it makes it easy as you don't have to be looking at labels etc.

When you eat whole foods you feel full quicker and longer IMO, I have no science for this advice, but I have lost 35kg and kept it off for a year. I do go up and down a bit (5kg) but it always comes down to what I'm eating......every time. When I start eating more processed foods I always gain fat, and vice verse. Of course couple that with regular training and you will slowly but surely change the re-composition of your muscle to fat ratio.

Good luck