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Thanks for letting this old bugger here.
As you can see by the username I am a Grandfather to 5 little ones.

I am 59 and over the years weight has got on me and then one day I looked in a mirror and said to myself you fat F*&^er.
I knew I had to do a few things to get rid if some of it.
I am 178 cm and I am 115 to 119 kilo's.

To be totally honest I am not about losing a heap of weight but what I am striving for is to get to a 100 kilos.
At that weight I know I felt quite good and even as I am now I don't feel bad but I have got a bigger gut and this is what I don't like.
I am in a horrible position as I have got a bad back. And yes its a true one, I have had 3 operations on it and this is partly to blame for where I am now.
But its not the only thing and I know it as most of you will know it to.

On to what I know about weights.
I have been doing them off and on for a long time. I have bought and sold my gym and weights a few times.
Then I miss not doing them and have to start again. So I have to buy the lot again, thought this time I am going to have a got at making my own bench.

I have been told that I have got the look of a bikie as I have got a beard and I look quite solid. Not my words but form others.
I have never felt I was big enough and I think I will never feel I am.
We had plumbers working here and one of them knew a lady who works with my wife.
He asked her if she knew me, which she never. But he asked her if I was the local bikey's enforcers.
This was just last year and at that time I had arms which were 18.5 inches. Which I still call chicken wings.

I want to get back into some sort of shape as I am due to get a knee replacement soon and I know if I can loss weight it will be good for me.
It will help with my back and that will also help me with taking weight off my knee.
So once I have got my bench up and running I will be starting my weights again.
I will not be doing legs as they hurt way too much just walking But my upper body can be worked on even with arthritis I know I can go slow with most parts.

So that about it in a nut shell which is me.

Sandin Face

G'day Gramps

Good luck with the weights (both picking up, and taking off).

Have you got a bike to go with your beard?


New member
Generally speaking, fat loss is about diet. Muscle growth is about exercise. So, diet will dictate your fat levels, exercise will determine how you look.

I noticed in your post that you didn't really talk about diet at all. I suggest that you get onto a "real" diet that will allow you to function normally without starving, or doing anything extreme, so that you are losing weight every week. It's not that hard, you just have to set a goal and stick to it.

I would say that you can drop a few kg in a couple of weeks by just cleaning up your diet. Toss out anything processed and just stick to meat and lots of green stuff.

Drop a few kg and you should start to feel the improvement in walking and general mobility.

The hardest part is deciding to do it. After that, you just gotta stick to it.


Thanks to the hello's and welcomes as well as the advice.
One question asked was if I had a bike and the answer to it is no not even a push bike.
A motorbike is what I would love to have but my back has said no to it so I just have to remember when I could ride a bike.
Though I mainly had bike where I could go bush on, was never that much into road bikes back then.

Woody Allen you are right is saying I never mentioned my diet as I don't have one never have had one.
I use to take out what I put in when I could work. And I just can't sit there and say I am going to start to eat greens.
People like them but I don't. Though I am quite lucky in one respect.
Which is I just stop eating gut rot and the weight slowly drops off.

So once I get my bench made up, I think with the cutting down of the gut rot and actually doing weights I will improve.
If I don't lose all of my gut it wouldn't be the end of the world.
I will never have good mobility but I can improve on what it is now and this is why I am going to get back into weights.

One thing I think I am sure of is that if I try to do close to that half an hour a day it should help with weight and arthritis.
Which is close enough in every joint in me. I'm not looking for any sympathy but giving a better account of what I am like.
Though in over 20 years of no working I have gone from a 78 kilo person to around the 115 kilo.
As I go up and down. I am set in my ways but will always see the other side of what I am being told.
Though sometimes I might no be able to do what has been said, but I appreciate them.

Like I have been doing weights for a long time but it has always been off and on.
I have made gains in the past and I see no reason to why I still can't achieve them now.
So I have to try to stick to them even if I am feeling sore which is every day.


Well-known member
I built my own bench from timber. I bench and squat from timber stands and I still have the concrete plates I cast along time ago.

I did that because I had everything lying around to do it and didn't want to waste money buying equipment until I'd proven to myself that I was willing to stick it out for a while.

I still can't be fucked replacing the bench/stands since they work fine though I did replace the plates with iron, I might build a steel cage when I get enough off cuts from the bin at work. :D