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Administrator. Graeme
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Richmond body builder Paula Fearnley won her class in the Southern Hemisphere Body Building Championship held in Australia last month.

Paula Fearnley has had a dream ending to her latest body building season.
The Richmond business-owner and mother-of-three last month won her class, and came second overall, in the World Fitness Federation (WFF) section of the Southern Hemisphere Body Building Championship held on the Gold Coast, Australia.
Fearnley returned home from the contest to find she had also been nominated for the Nelson Sports Awards.
She qualified for the Australian championships after winning the womens' masters title and the women's overall prize at the National Amateur Bodybuilding Association/WFF Grand Prix Bodybuilding Championships in Christchurch in May.
Prior to heading to Australia she had considered competing in the New Zealand nationals later this month.
"But I'm going to do a judging course next year and have a year off to concentrate on the business, the family and give my body a break," she said.
Fearnley cleaned up the Southern Hemisphere WFF women's masters 35-plus class and said the experience was fantastic.
"It was a good feeling and a lovely end to the season. The music was pumping, the crowd was loud, the atmosphere amazing - it was a well-run show."
Fearnley said she would be at Nelson's body building competition in November, but as a coach and supporter - not a competitor.


Bravo to Paula Fearnley , it takes a lot of effort to get into the shape she has gotten herself into. Well done.


Do you think it's healthy fadi?
Absolutely not, as in it's absolutely not healthy Andy. Women who reach such a low body fat level, would almost always suffer by placing both their bone health as well as their cardiovascular health at risk. Estrogen is a very powerfully protective and preventative hormone for women, and by forcing a hormonal imbalance within the endocrine system, a female athlete would inevitably suffer...., some short and some long term.

My earlier post was solely pertaining to the amount of effort that must've been put in by the bodybuilder in question....and I do respect and appreciate that particular aspect..., by giving due credit.

Strictly speaking, I'm not a fan of women bodybuilding, however each to their own.
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Some Birds do carry a low percentage of Bodyfat though. Although its the NABA which is untested, this Chick has had three kids and isn't carrying a huge amount of muscle. Some Birds do look like that into old age.

Not my cuppa Tea though.