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Ronnie's not the sharpest tool in the shed
Maybe he's not praying hard enough or maybe god's in the can reading creation weekly.
I got a little upset when he kept mentioning "god this and god that", far out give it a rest aye:(
to me hes the greatest.I prefer to remember the dynasty of olympia wins and the superman training vids.You guys who are criticising him need to realise he will be remembered a long time,whereas ordinary folk pass away without even a mention.
He’ll be remembered for winning a lot of Olympia’s and not being able to walk properly for the rest of his life as a direct result of what he did.
A lot of athletes go down this path, if that’s what motivates you then good for you.

ive also seen a lot of gifted athletes who have done the same and lived very long healthy lives.
Perhaps if he’d had been able to see his future he would of done things differently?

who the fuck knows and who cares, it’s his life it’s just unfortunate how it impacts on his family and others
Sadly he’s not the only one..
I wonder how Heath and co will pull up once he stops his drug regime.
Common gerry
a former legend like yourself
they’ll put up a statue of you, solid bronze, 30 feet tall, will make Sadam’s statues look like chess pieces.
Perhaps if he’d had been able to see his future he would of done things differently?

Quite possibly. He could have quite possibly tonned certain drugs down with their doses and trained just a little bit easier thus stressing his body out less and still having an awesome physique.