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New member
Hi everyone,

been a long time since I posted on here just chasing a bit of input on training and gaining a bit of size now that I'm getting old lol.
So heres where I'm at;
I'm 32 year old, 187cm. I was juicing from around 2013 up until 2016 when I stopped focusing on bodybuilding and got into boxing, at my biggest I was sitting at around 116kg @ about 12%bf. However the years off and lack of weight training have taken their toll on my muscle mass leaving me at 98kg now @ roughly 13-14%bf.

I'd like to get back to around 105kg @ around 10-12%bf, whilst maintaining sufficient cardio for boxing etc. and I'm avoiding getting back on the juice as since 2016 I have developed a serious fear of pinning and concerned about the potential for damage to my heart.

My training is a bit all over the place atm however on a good week it would look something like this;

Cardio- 3-4 times per week, alternating between 1 on 1 off sprints for 5 sets or jogging for 20 mins 3-4km

Weight training- 3 days per week which consists off chest & tris, back and bi's, legs and shoulders or a variation of this. Heavy compound lifts for 3-5 sets of 6-8 reps and for everything else rep range is 8-12 for 3-5 sets. Obviously mixing it up ever now and then.

Pilates (for flexibility)- for 15-30 minutes Every second day

Boxing training- 30-45 min 3x weekly

Now I'm confident one of my biggest problems is my diet which is a mess and where I could use the most input. I've been listening to too much Joe Rogan Experience lol and have been trialing intermittent fasting as one of the episodes had a scientist who says intermittent fasting will assist in weight loss, stamina, energy levels and longevity, so I decided to give it a go.
So for 2-3 consecutive days I don't eat until around 4pm and then eat around 3000 cals between 4pm and 10pm. then on the other days ill eat around 3000 cals over 4-5 meals throughout the day.
on average I would guess the 3000 cals is made up of around 400g carbs, 200g protein and about 70g fats.

Can anyone offer any insight as to where I'm going wrong and the best way to make lean gains without juicing, and also how to maintain those gains as it seems as soon as I start smashing the cardio again I lose muscle mass but never the last little bit of BF.

Any input is greatly appreciated as I'm getting old and starting to get depressed because I wasted my youth and now I'll never get back to the condition I want.
Mate, you're in your prime for adding muscle, your problem is you stopped lifting and sweating the small stuff now.