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Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
UFC star Paige VanZant has shared painful pictures of the worrying weight cuts she went through to fight at just over 52kgs.
The stunning American MMA fighter used to sweat down to 115 pounds for fights in the women’s strawweight division.
But the physical toll it took on the 163cm UFC star was posing a serious threat to her health with the dramatic dehydration involved being linked to kidney and brain damage.
VanZant lost two of her last three fights at strawweight and there were fears that she was shot at the tender age of 23.
But she is now moving up to the MMA promotion’s new female flyweight division that will allow her to carry a few extra kilograms.
Alongside a photo from one of her previous weight cuts, VanZant wrote: “115lb Paige? Ain’t nobody got time for that!! Haha I can’t wait to wreck shop at 125!!!! Who agrees????”
And in September she revealed she was “killing herself” with the weight cuts she was going through.
“It’s a big cut for me,” the UFC pin-up said. “I’m a lot heavier than people realise. I was honestly killing myself for this sport.
“In my last I want to say two fights or three fights, I’ve passed out in my bathroom.
“This last one, I passed out and had the doctors almost not cleared me for the fight.
“The 125 pound division is finally getting built, so it just made sense for me to try it out.
“I’m moving up. I’m a big advocate for body positivity and I was putting myself through an eating disorder to make weight. And it became not fun for me anymore. I hate cutting. I hated the process.
“Obviously, passing out on your bathroom floor is not fun, because you’re dying in a bathtub.”

Paige VanZant slumped on a bathroom floor during a drastic weight cut.Source:Instagram


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When I saw the title I guessed it would be an excuse for her to post some nudes to up the social media following.


Active member
Almost passed out yet still managed to cover up boobs.

Has she been talking to my wife?
Last edited:


Well-known member
Can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen. You're not cutting properly for 24hr weigh ins unless your pupils turn yellow and there's blood in your piss. This is why I hate feminism, no one cares if you fuck up your cut and can't fight for shit. It's an eating disorder.......please spare me. Go away a menstruate


Well-known member
Emaciated? Nope.

"Source: Instagram".

Oh, riiiiiigggghhhht.

Exactly. She doesn’t even look dehydrated. Look at Connor mcgregor when he was cutting to 145. Looked like an extra from the walking dead. This was totally staged. Does she even have makeup on.


First thing I thought I noticed was the make-up. Why does she need to be topless??? Looks staged and just a normal cut.