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Recent content by Gunner

  1. G

    Joint Support

    Like the title says, what do you reccomend for Joint Support?
  2. G

    interesting places in CANBERRA to visit

    +1 for the war memorial
  3. G

    I need to do this properly

    Start here:http://ausbb.com/nutrition-diet/15230-calculating-calories-macronutrients-bmr.html
  4. G

    Post up what you are eating

    Carb load Saturday Lunch: Half a woollies roast chook Homemade satay sauce Fresh sourdough rolls and mountain bread 50g WPC Dinner: Roast Pork and Veges Desert: Half an Apple Pie with Ice Cream & custard
  5. G

    Post up what you are eating

    300g Pork Satay Sauce Steamed Vege Mango and Dark Choc Protein Fluff
  6. G

    What age to leave home?

  7. G

    cold or warm milk?

  8. G

    Gunner's 2012 Body Transformation

    Updates from Body Fat Test this morning: Weight: 92kg Bodyfat: 12.5% Lean Body Mass: 80.5kg Fat Mass: 11.5kg Waist: 86.5cm Sum of Skinfolds: 74.2mm
  9. G

    Body solid dipstation

    I have the Gym Direct attachment. Solid product
  10. G

    iifym approach

    Iifym ftw
  11. G

    Post up what you are eating

    1/2 Crustless Spinach Pie 100g Aussie Bodies Protein Bar 100g Dry Biltong 160g Banana
  12. G

    Bacon explosion

    Going to try this
  13. G

    what's so special about fruit?

    Mango protein fluff is awesome
  14. G

    Post up what you are eating

    Today's plan: I want pizza. Lunch: 120g WPI with Psyllium Husk Dinner: 1 1/2 Pizzas Meets all macros and still within maintenance calories.