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  1. A

    Do you own or use a small Gym?

    Do you own or use a small Gym? Do you know someone who own's , or pherhaps you use a small local gym ? Are you wanting a place to discuss topics relevant to your gym? Setting up your own forum can be costly and time consuming,Let Ausbb do the work for you. Ausbb is the place for you , we are...
  2. NightFallTech

    Custom Fabrication for pullup bars in Aus?

    Custom Fabrication (monkey bars for powertec rack) as per Custom Made Texas-Strength Monkey Chin/Pull up Bar - Bodybuilding.com Forums Is there anyone in Australia that could produce something similar of decent quality for a good price?, this would definitely resolve one limitation of the...
  3. Persistenttiger

    Doorway pull up bars- ant good?

    Every now and then I have a random desire to do a pull up but have nowhere to do the at home. There's a couple of different style of door frame pull up bars on eBay - does anyone have any experience/advice about them?
  4. M

    Customisable Energy Bars

    Guys, Right now I am trying to research the viability of having a customised energy bar provider in Australia (like Youbars.com or elementbars.com in the US). If you could complete the following survey it would be very helpful to determine market demand. Survey: Energy Bar Survey Thanks and...
  5. A

    protein bars

    hey guys.. just had a HPLC bar by aussie bodies.. It claims to only have a total of 6g carbs.. I couldn't help but notice the bar itself was awfully sweet for something that only contains 6g carbs (5 of which is sugar).. I was thinking if the artificial sweetner they use to replace sugar if that...
  6. A

    Safety squat bars

    I'm starting to think that my shoulder problem is due to squats and the awkward position my shoulders are in. Can squats do this? I was thinking of getting a safety squat bar, are they worth it, especially for shoulders? Will it be a huge difference to normal squatting? I got a trap bar for...
  7. Rambodian

    Ezy bars

    I want to buy a quality Ezy bar (Oly size), I would really like to have one with the nurl all the way across the bar. Any way, where is a good place to get a quality Ezy bar, and what would one be looking for in terms of quality? And lastly, what would be considered a reasonable cost?
  8. chocchillimango

    Chocolate Orange Protein Fudge Bars

    Yeah, seriously!! Tastes amazing? PROTEINGASMIC. Great dose of protein and fibre and... where's the fat??? ;) Free of gluten and nuts. Also suitable if you're on a low fructose diet. Macros and nutritional profile all included ... with and without the awesome vanilla cinnamon casein...
  9. chocchillimango

    Protein Bars :)

    I've got them posted on my blog with lots of info. These are seriously awesome. Low Carb, high protein. Lots of options. I cover off on different types of protein powders to use, flavourings, nuts and seeds, and allergy and food intolerance options. These are clean, totally good for you...
  10. littlebloke

    13% off all bars

    We're offering 13% off all of our range of barbells, dumbbells, EZ curl bars etc for the weekend to celebrate that yesterday was Friday 13th. Just use the discount code "friday13" on checkout. Offer expires Sunday night. This discount applies to our entire new range of bars - both...
  11. dandexter

    Fat Bars

    Where do I buy a fat bar from? I'v been looking all over for them, so far I can't find any place that sells them. Anyway links or info would be great. Thanks
  12. P

    New bars at PTC

    I didnt want to hyjack the other thread I started, so I've started a new one. Today I picked up a Pendlay bushing bar and an Ironedge $180 bar. The Pendlay bar has a very nice finish. It looks the goods, we'll see how it goes The Ironedge bar looks identical to the Gym Direct bar, same...
  13. J

    Delicious protein bars

    I found this recipe on youtube and they look pretty damn tasty :p Enjoy! YouTube - The BEST Homemade Protein Bar Recipe in the WORLD!
  14. Sticky

    Kinda healthy bars!

    Ok, so Im making my own muesli bars now and this is the one I just made. The reason its "kinda healthy" is because of the sugar/butter and honey. You need 8-9 cups of dry ingredients. I used; *4 cups oats *1 cup sultanas *3 cups of differnt types of raw nuts...
  15. littlebloke

    Big sale - plates and bars

    Hi all, We've launched our first ever stocktake sale to make some room in the warehouse for our new range coming in in June. We're offering brand new standard plates at $1.80kg :o barbells and EZ curls at $25. Limited numbers available - offered for one week only. Check out the website...
  16. K

    Protien bars.

    Hi guys / Gals, Please name some good protien bars that you guys cosume that are of good value (money and quality vise). I used to take the EAS stuff while in London & I liked the taste of them. However, can't find them in Aus. Thanks Devante.
  17. A

    Protein Bars Now Available @ Amino Z

    Katie, I know you're going to be happy with me :) It's been a while coming, but I finally managed to source out a top selling protein bar which we now have in stock: Labrada Lean Body Protein Bar | Hi-Protein Energy Bar We have the "chocolate rocky road crunch" flavour in which is the best...
  18. D

    [Cycling] Tri bars?

    Does any one use tri bars iv got a set but i cant seem to get used to them, Why do people use them
  19. R

    Promax Energy/Protein Bars Pay only $44 for a box!

    Hi Guys, Elite Body have a special on Promax Protein Bars box of 12 only $44 Thats over a 17% Discount off many of our competitors! Visit Elite Body under the protein section to take advantage of this great deal! Nutritional Facts Protein %:26 Carbohydrate Total %: 49 Carbohydrate...
  20. J

    High Protein High Carb Bars

    I was just wonding if anyone new of a reasonaly priced high protien high carb protein bar. The majority I can find are low carb, weight loss bars. Cheers