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  1. Davepuppies

    Diet without protein powder or bars

    I am working through a few health issues, one of which is a dodgy gut. one of my health practioners has asked me to remove all protein powder and bars from my diet, as she believes this is causing a lot of my issues. we are trialling for a month eating just food, which I haven't done since I...
  2. R

    Replacement pads for safety squat bars

    Picked up a safety squat bar from ebay a while ago, and while the bar is okay, the pads are a bit crappy....just wondering if anyone has recommendations of places that would sell replacement pads? Would love to have pads which wrap around the bar, like the elitefts one...
  3. S

    [SYD] FS MMPR Power rack w dip bar, Olympic Bar+200kg , 6 x mats, storage - $1.5k

    Muscle Motion Power Rack - MMPR model (includes chin up bar and dip bar attachments) Standard Olympic bar - 20kg 200kg weights 8x20kg 2x10kg 2x5kg 2x2.5kg 2x1.25kg 6 x 1m2 rubber floor mats Flat Bench Weight storage rack Assembly tools included Asking for $1,500. Bought about a...
  4. A

    protein bars, do you?

    Do you eat protein bars, and if so which ones? If not, do you feel they are just glorified?
  5. BrisVegasGhost

    Multi Grip Chin up Bar or Straight Chin Up bars?

    What's you preferred chin up bar? Straight or the Multi grip variety? I have never used a multi grip bar. I have only used a straight bar or a chin up bar that kicks down like a lat pull down attachment. For those that have the multigrips chin up bars do you use the variety of grips available...
  6. Drifter

    Quest Bar Review(s)

    I'm trialling these as an on the move meal replacement / snack and also a craving satisfier. Only have apple pie so far but have put in an order for a few more flavours. Apple Pie Protein 20g Carbs 24gDietary Fibre 18g Sugars 3g Calories 170 Smell: 10/10. Great! Smells like an apple pie...
  7. A

    Bent Over Rows - How Do You Do Them?

    When you are doing bent over rows, how wide do you prefer to grip the bar and why, do you go around the same width as you bench or do you go narrower?
  8. Caino

    Quest Bars!! The Ultimate Brotein Bar

    Thoughts on these lads? Im fuckin hooked! And look at this new flavor!! Whats all your fav flavores? Id be happy to review all of them as ive got every flavor!! shit just got real Also random plug in but if one wants to buy them off iherb.com thats where you will get them cheapest.
  9. Light Weight

    [ADL] DHS Hercules Weightlifting Olympic Barbell

    [ADL] DHS Hercules Weightlifting Oly Olympic Barbell. Great for Olympic lifting, powerlifting or crossfit. Ideal for a home gym, PT studio or commercial gym. These bars are used by "Australian Muscle: The Gym" so you know they can take a beating. Details: High Quality Barbell similar to...
  10. B

    Protein Bars nutrition

    Hi guys Normally when looking at foods and the macronutrient breakup it is 1g protein = 4 calories 1g carbs = 4 calories 1g fat = 9 calories I noticed that with alot of protein bars it always doesnt quite add up Example: BSC Protein Balls 25g Protein 3.5g carbs 8.4g Fat Approx 190 cals...
  11. A

    Ausbb Clubs, Bars, Circuit Parties and Going Out

    so what clubs do you hit ? what fashions do you wear ? discuss it all here
  12. F

    Protein bars options ?

    Hi guys, I normally go to the gym after work, and I am always after a little ‘energy pick-up’ before the gym. I have started buying protein bars and eating them before the gym, which I think has been working well. My only concern is what is actually in the bars, I normally buy a BSc product...
  13. K


    Hi all, Who here have or is a surfer and have had significant results in terms of beer gut drop? Or significant weight loss? I think this would be an awesome hobby to take up. Comments pls. Devante.
  14. B

    Grocery Run, Musashi Mass Gain Bars

    Groceries online | Online Grocery Store | GroceryRun.com.au $9.95 for 10 bars is not bad.
  15. B

    Protein Bars

    Protein bars, who is eating what & where are you getting them from cheap? Bought some fucking foul one online so thought I better see what the forum creeps are rating for tast.
  16. R

    Sourcing replacement safety bars

    Hi all. So I recently set up a home gym with a budget cage. The cage is holding up pretty fine so far, but the safety bars that came with it where essentially useless. I believe they were stainless steel but hollow, so as soon as a mild weight was dropped on them (maybe up to 60kg) from a...
  17. S

    Ez Curl Bars

    Im after an Ez Curl bar for home. I use ABC at the gym but Im not a big fan of the knurling, its a bit harsh & the collars have a lot of play in them. But to be fair about the collars the bars are old & abused, but hey they do the job. I was looking up the Ivanko Ez bar & the Eleiko Ez Bar...
  18. R

    Replacing safety bars on cage

    Hi all, After a bit of advice here. Since joining a proper gym I'm pretty much settled on selling my own small setup of weights which consists basically of a basic squat cage, flat bench, standard bar and spinlock dumbbells as well as a bunch of steel plates. So first off, does one generally...
  19. B

    Cheap protein bars

    More cheap protein bars on Grocery Run. I like the aussie bodies mocha bar sold in the supermarkets hopefully these are okay. Down for 2 boxes. Good timing cause my last grocery run supply just ran out. https://www.groceryrun.com.au/product_info.php?product_id=3854
  20. M

    cheap protein bars

    Groceries online | Online Grocery Store | GroceryRun.com.au | 12 x Winners Gym Mega Protein Bars 75g i bought a few boxes of these best before 8 sept 2012(next month) dont know what they taste like but for $9.90 for box 12.