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  1. C

    Getting arms and back bigger?

    Any change I've had was in the legs...which are not lacking so much...my arms and back are god damn pitiful... No tri or bi definition and I can see just about every bone in my back... How someone that's 6 foot can only weigh 58kg is beyond me... *foreverrunt*
  2. pumpiniron

    High intensity training over str, for muscle gains.

    The Chicken and the Egg Dilemma: One Last Time (Part 1) Development. That is the goal of modern bodybuilding and cosmetic physique enhancement. I think I know a little bit about this. At my first contest I weighed in at 154lbs in 1983. By 1987, I won the Great Lakes Classic at a bodyweight...
  3. S

    getting stronger but not bigger

    OK - so i know how silly it sounds when someone comes on to a forum and starts a thread something along the lines of " Build mucle and loose weight" people seem to say its one of the other, BUT every time i lift - i am in what i think is a calorie deficate- 2000 per day with cardio ontop...
  4. M

    Sydney's Best new Gym ?????

    Animal Kingdom, Cromer, NSW Animal Kingdom Gym - YouTube
  5. D

    How does BN protein compare to the bigger brands in terms of quality

    How does BN protein compare to the bigger brands in terms of quality. Hey guys, I was telling someone at my gym that BN WPC is good, but he reckons the BCAA makeup of BN stuff is pretty poor compared to something like Dymatize 100 (something like tht can't remember 100%). For me I think BN...
  6. walt

    Bigger, stronger, faster

    YouTube - Bigger Stronger Faster (Part 1 11) Can't be bothered posting another 11 videos on here so just follow it through youtube.
  7. gixxerdims

    I figured out why my biceps aren't getting bigger

    Have a look at this vid...hahaha Login | Facebook
  8. S

    Bigger arms & Chest

    Hello guys and girls i want my biceps/triceps and chest to be bigger by a few more inches how can i achieve this? I measured my arms and chest for the first time last night. Chest: 46inches Biceps: 17inches My goal is to have 20 inch biceps and a 50 inch chest by the end of the year. So i...
  9. S

    Getting bigger in all aspects lol

    Hey guys, posting again, things are looking good currently doing a 3 day split a week, getting stronger and bigger in size. Although i am eatinf or aiming to eat 3500 cals a day (clean bulk), along the way i have had a couple of days stretch where i havent had a choice but to eat crap. And...
  10. P

    Eight commandments for building a bigger, stronger body

    click here for a fantastic article about progressive resistance training. It's a bit of a long read but worth it IMO Eight commandments for building a bigger, stronger body Work thy body progressively Record what thou hast accomplished during thy journey Train thy mote, at ye level Commit...
  11. W

    strength training

    how do i improve strength without gaining mass? bodyweight training?. Any articles or useful advice is greatly appreciated. cheers mike
  12. vader-nator

    Mike Mentzer - Frequency less as GROW BIGGER

    Have just been re-reading all my Mentzer books etc. He states that the body has a 300% capacity to grow stronger but only a 50% capacity to recover. So as we get bigger we need to do less. A 12" arm contracting at 100% will not tax the overall body as much as an 18" arm contracting maximally...
  13. F

    Leucine: Your Magic Key To Bigger Muscles!

    OK, I know why you’re here; you want bigger muscles right? Of course you do; otherwise you would’ve joined the golf forum instead. We have certainly come a long way since those egg white protein powders and desiccated liver tablets, haven’t we? I mean look at it. These days it’s not about...
  14. T

    How could you improve this physique?

  15. R

    Do pushups/pullups make muscles bigger or just strengthen?

    Will doing pushups and pullups increase the muscles in my arms,or does it strengthen what is already there? Do they pushups and pullupshave any effect on your chest muscles?
  16. F

    bigger breasts

    What type of exercise should i be doing to get bigger breasts?
  17. S

    Know any good breast exercises?

    I'm looking exercises for the chest/breast area that would make help make my breasts a little perkier and give them a bit of lift. Also I have a friend who told me that when she was working out her chest she lost a cup size. Any suggestions?