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  1. S

    AUSBB's Greatest Athletes

    I reckon taurus would be number one, but Gerry would be second. Not only is Gerry strong as a Bull but he's conditioned to do most hard physical activities.
  2. S

    Mayweather v McGregor

    So Barry was right and I was wrong - it's happening. I assume because the UFC (Dana White being an ex Boxer) knows Mayweather is washed up so won't make an embarrassment of McGregor and the UFC. Theres a Poll ^^^^ So, who's gunna win? Cum on kunce, get on! @Admin @Shrek @White_Lie; @Goosey...
  3. Acme


    what are the best machines to use for biulding muscle
  4. spartacus

    Made my day Rudd the dud did not get Australian govt support for UN

    what about you guys?
  5. spartacus

    Explaining Turnbull govt victory: an opinion

  6. Fadi

    Schwarzenegger charged by elephant

  7. Fadi

    Sometimes memories ...

    Sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks. Do yours do the same sometimes?
  8. A

    Munchie Tuesdays - Five Foods You Always Have Around

    What are the five most important foods always in your fridge/pantry? The ones you ALWAYS have to have
  9. Jungnaut

    Forever on spread

    I am getting confused! What's going on. I can't give reps out to anyone for ages now. You must spread more rep before giving it to this person again. Well, c'mon having to rep the whole forum just to be able to re-rep again is a bit pointless, no? no? :confused:
  10. Sandin Face

    Red Bull and choline

    Hi folks I compared the ingredients in Red Bull bought from Asian shops (the stubby gold cans, made in Thailand) with the Red Bull sold in "mainstream" shops (thin blue can, made in Austria). They are almost identical, except that the Asian one has Choline (50mg) in it, and the other one...
  11. K

    Bronx Wild Bull - Beta-Alanine

    Hi All, I'm looking at buying Bronx Beta-Alanine, was wondering if any has used it ? Thanks in advance
  12. U

    International Protein Synergy 5

    Has anybody used this? I have noticed somebody from another Australian forum really talking it up and was just wondering what it was like? I am currently using ON, so it would have to be better than that
  13. nobullsupplements

    Australia Post prices increase - No impact on No Bull Supplements Australia

    We've had a number of customers ask us over the last week whether we plan on implementing a change to the prices we charge our customers for shipping, following recent price increases by Australia Post. We can confirm that we have no plans to increase our postage and handling prices. We will...
  14. bams_101

    No Bull Supps - Customer Service Review

    So I decided to give No Bull Supplements a try after a lot of good reviews on this site of their products. So I ordered Creatine, WPC and some beef jerky. The problem was that it was never delivered. As I chased up with NBS, they said that it WAS delivered to my property and that since there...
  15. M

    No Bull 5 samples review (plus beef jerky!)

    Ordered 5 flavoured WPI samples, and peri-peri beef jerky, both of which had free shipping, which I thought was pretty reasonable. Just trying the first sample now. I'll update this thread when I try more. It's choc cherry. Smelled like fake cherry, in the little packet. Sort of smelled a bit...
  16. M

    Bulk Nutrients Vs No Bull Supplements

    hey guys, looking to do my supplement shop in the near future, mainly in the market for protein... anyone have any experience with either company..!? recommendations, preferences!? or are they pretty similar in regards to products etc..?
  17. nobullsupplements

    No Bull Supplements Beef Jerky Review

    Hi AusBB's This week we've launched our new product, No Bull Supplements 100% Australian Beef Jerky. Early sales figures indicate that our customers have been just as eager to see the launch of this snack as we have. To give us an understanding of where the product is at and how we can improve...
  18. B

    no bull supplements - 5 flavours review

    note* i do not work for no bull supplements or have any connection to them. this review is purely on my own opinion and my thoughts of the product, this can change rapidly from person to person - the only way to make up your own mind is to try it for yourself flavours; banana, honey comb...
  19. M

    No bull supplements - Review of Choc-orange, Choc-coconut and Choc-Cherry WPI

    I recently bought a kilo of the new choc-orange flavor and some samples of choc-coconut and choc-cherry. Here are my thoughts. Price 5/5 - This is a common factor among all. I'm a big fan of the NBS pricing policy of getting bulk prices but with the ability of choosing a variety of flavors...
  20. M

    No Bull Supplements - BCAA Electric Strawberry flavor

    Thought I'd share my experience with NBS' new BCAA product. Price: 5/5 A competitive price compared to the other 2:1:1 BCAA products out there. Mixability: 4/5 BCAA's are notorious for their mixabilty. So my rating is based on my experience - the NBS product does need a fair bit of mixing to...