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  1. spartacus

    Australian all-time heaviest raw bench press 285kg

  2. A

    What tolls did injuries take on you (physical and psychological) and how did you reco

    What tolls did injuries take on you (physical and psychological) and how did you recover?
  3. A

    AUSBB- Australian Bodybuilding Forum Challenge Board!

    AUSBB- Australian Bodybuilding Forum Challenge Board! Here you can post videos of your impressive feats of strength. The name of the game is to perform as many strict reps as you can with a given weight. Film the whole set, and get a close up of the plates used so we can verify the weight...
  4. I

    🔥**NEW* Release! Iron Tech Tee & More! Check them out!*🔥

    Hey AusBB! We're excited to announce the release and restock of some next level apparel. Please check it all out below - and don't forget to use your special VIP discount code 'AUSBB' for 10% off your entire order! IRON TECH TEE The all new Iron Tech Tee - blazing aesthetic meets superior...
  5. W

    Muscle worship

    Hey guys Just wondering if any big guys here are into showing off and getting worshipped. Hoping to worship ripped/muscular men in Sydney from 11-14th September, Im from Melbourne originally. PM me if anyone interested!
  6. A

    Rise of ‘bigorexia’: men with body image issues battling depression

    IT’S called reverse anorexia and it happens to men who believe they are too little and too frail and new research shows its driving men to inject steroids and suffer psychologically. Muscle dysmorphia affects men whose have normal muscle mass but who believe their muscles are inadequate. Sydney...
  7. Shrek

    Look at this on eBay - Too cheap??

    Skim milk powder or maltodextrin perhaps? Its cheap for WPI. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/181928901694
  8. B

    FOR SALE: VIC Force USA VersaRack XL Full Setup

    Hi, I'm currently selling my full Force USA Power Rack setup, which I've only used a handful of times. (!) 1 x Force USA VersaRack XL - Folding Power Rack with all attachments (RRP $1,695.00) 1 x Force USA VersaBench XL - Folding FID Bench (RRP $449.00) 1 x Olympic Quick Lock Collars - Pair...
  9. F

    Short courses

    Hi Everyone - bit about myself, 10years+ of lifting before having kids 8 years ago..this put my gym visits on hold :( Stats pre kids, 5 foot 9, 42, did ~5-10 courses (Standard stuff...courses consisted of usually(Not all together!) sust 250, bold/eq, test prop, stan...and even the old sheep...
  10. Reide

    Are any of you closet nerds?

    What is your nerdy pleasure?
  11. F

    Do you have a body?

    If you think this is the strangest question you've heard so far in 2016 (or ever), I ask you to think. If you answered yes of course I have a body, then what you've ended up doing is to make a separation between the I and the body. If on the other hand you've answered what do you mean do I have...
  12. Big Mick

    Male/Female Strength Standards

    Found this today: http://strengthlevel.com/strength-standards/male/kg What do people think and how do you measure up??
  13. A

    6 week running improvement feedback?

    Hi all, Sice i've gone from been told that the next police intake was in July to finding out today the assessment centre is in 6 weeks, i'm in need to quickly get some gains on my running and general endurance. Yes I realise that I should have been focussing on this ages ago, but i'm an idiot...
  14. D

    Kogan have a power rack

    Okay, who will be the 1st to try it? https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/fortis-power-rack/ It says it can handle 250kg on the hooks, 300kg on the pully, but only 200kg on the safety bars...why didn't they make the safety bars at least 300kg?
  15. A

    U.S. announces lawsuits against makers of Jack3d, other dietary supplements

    USPlabs, which made the workout supplement Jack3d, and six of its executives face criminal charges for the unlawful sale of the nutritional supplement, the U.S. Justice Department said on Tuesday in announcing a larger probe by multiple federal agencies aimed at stemming the sale of unproven...
  16. R

    Routine Critique

    Routine critique please. M 179cm 74kg, slow bulking, main goal is aesthetics (about 70% aesthetics, 30% strength) Been doing SS for a couple of months with accessories but schedule changed and now the 3 days I can gym are in a row (Tues, Wed, Thurs), so I opted for a PPL split. (Back/Biceps...
  17. A

    Prep - The Series

    A groundbreaking all-access Reality TV series following veteran UK bodybuilders Tom Blackman and Paul Scarborough through an entire preparation to return to the competitive bodybuilding stage after three years out of the sport. From off-season to game day. The series will follow Tom and Paul, as...
  18. A


    So snake season is upon us the other week i was out on the bike and saw this shiny stick on the path , ffarrrrk it's a fucking snake the other day i was out on the bike again , and spotted another snake , this bastard scared the shit out of me , just as i got close to it , it reared up...
  19. A

    2015 year end goals.

    Figured this would be a good time for anyone interested to post their current lifts and what their year end goals are. Maybe help to get focused and dialed in on making some gains in these last 3 months. I figured we can update as any of them hit our goals or get close.
  20. A

    Skull Crushers vs Close Grip Bench

    Which one of the two exercises do you feel adds more mass? Skull Crushers vs Close Grip Bench.