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  1. A

    how do you meet members opposite sex

    so those that are still in the field , how do you meet members opposite sex do you do the old traditional way of at the pub/club at the supermarket at the gym? rohypnols? online?
  2. A

    How strictly do you stick to your macros?

    For those that follow IIFYM, how closely do you stick to yours?
  3. Neddysmith

    The Ultimate Fighter Season 21 - Blackzilians VS American Top Team

    Has anyone been following this? Im current, but have to say so far the season has been a little lacklustre and the fights nothing special.... Discuss.
  4. B

    June 2015 Newsletter - our latest updates

    This month we're excited to announce all orders over $250 will receive a free 250g pouch of BCAA Recovery! While we stock 5 great flavours (Apple & Raspberry, Lime, Orange, Tropical and Watermelon), the free pouch will be a lucky dip of these, so no flavour requests will be possible. BCAA...
  5. canned tuna

    Olympic shoes for squatting, disadvantages as well as pros

    Advantages of raised-heel squatting are very well discussed Not a lot is said about long term usage and disadvantages, or the ideal usage circumstances Please share your findings Aside from obvious benefits, through med-long term use I am finding -Knees take more of a beating; often am...
  6. A

    Weakpoint Monday: Back

    Which exercises and techniques do you use to add mass to your entire back?
  7. Jungnaut

    Why You Shouldn't Grind the Weight (srs)

    I like how this bloke advocates perfect reps every time and to avoid grinding the weight (ie training close to or at failure) because it greases improper motor patterns, trains you to stop at the sticky points, and does not help to increase your strength at all. He says train 70-80% of your...
  8. A

    Kai Greene in 1999

  9. Neddysmith

    Amanda Doherty - Wow

    Anyone been following Amanda Doherty? Mother of 4 and currently prepping for the Arnold, and wow is looking completely amazing coming into the show...
  10. H

    Cheapest calibrated weight plates in Australia

    My 20kg weight plates are all 19kg to 19.4kg not only is this fruad it drives me mad. What are the cheapest calibrated weight plates available in Australia? I need to buy about 600kg worth.
  11. F

    Cancer , friend or foe?

    I sat by myself contemplating and reflecting; why is it that everytime the word cancer is made mention of, it’s made with the utmost negativity and hostility. I ask you to give this matter a thought, a few minutes of your time, and see why is it that people always seem to be waging war on this...
  12. T

    Close stance or wide stance for squats?

    So you've probably heard me say before that my deadlift is 257.5kg and squat is 165kg and I was trying to figure out how to boost my squat. Well my deadlift stance is narrow, however my squat stance is wide (the reason I changed to wide is that I was getting knee pain from narrow stance. I was...
  13. J

    Travelling for work.. any decent gyms close to Ann Street, Brisbane?

    Travelling to Brisbane for 2 weeks for work and need to find a decent gym close to 500 Ann St, Brisbane. Will obviously need to be able to pay per visit.
  14. NightFallTech

    Close grip bench press

    ok, so how close is "close" ... I've been trying to do this with my hands almost touching and it does feel like the biggest challenge is 'balancing' the bar ..... what should my hand position be for this?
  15. D1cko

    Gyms close to Melbourne CBD for one off entry's?

    Hey people, I'm staying Melbourne next weekend and don't really want to miss two particular sessions of my training. Anyone a member of, or know of a good gym for me to visit?? Cheers
  16. nazzysmith

    BIll star on training with a hang over

    Lolz.... Interesting read... Starting Strength: Article
  17. A

    interesting places in SOUTH AUSTRALIA to visit

    interesting places in SOUTH AUSTRALIA to visit
  18. O

    Test Booster Res100

    As approved by Admin: Res100 Click to Buy www.wickedsupplements.com Ok I am going to post a lot of info here and all the info is important to understand exactly how Res100 Works to increase not only testosterone but also improve your health. I will also post some reviews so you can see how...
  19. Rambodian

    Close grip bench press for triceps

    I was thinking of adding these to my next routine that starts in Jan. I currently do skull crushers but wanted to try the close grips. The problem is that I don't really feel my triceps working that hard when i do them unless I bring the bar down to my upper chest/neck area as opposed to the...
  20. A

    Steroids and Performance Enhancers

    In the past Ausbb has been against the usage of Steroids and Performance Enhancers and have been strict against the talk about them. I have had some messages asking for a change of heart to bring the discussions out of the private and into the open so that others can get information Ausbb -...