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  1. S

    Wanted: 2X 20kg Weight Plates (Rubber Coated)

    My work gym has a total of 177.5kg in plates and I'm close to deadlifting the lot and want to progress further. I can either join a gym or pay for some more weight, work won't pay unfortunately so looking at adding 2 extra 20kg plates. Cheapest I have found is $70 per plate.
  2. WoodyAllen

    Classic Raw World Championships. IPF. On now.

    There are two platforms. Platform 1 has replay and multiple camera angles. Platform 2 is more agricultural with just one fixed camera and no replays. Both have commentary. http://goodlift.info/live.php Look out for Jezza Upea, Ray Williams and Kelly Branton this weekend, sunday 1.30pm...
  3. A

    What are the most impressive feats of strength you have seen?

    What is the most impressive thing you guys have seen?
  4. S

    back extension?

    45 Degree or Roman Chair back extension machine? I would like something I could do a bodyweight type exercise after squatting and deadlifting. Can't afford a GHR as they are $500.
  5. A

    What's the most impressive thing you have seen someone do at your gym?

    What's the most impressive thing you have seen someone do at your gym?
  6. L

    input on this routine

    Can I get some input on this routine doing this as a/b program 4 times a week no squats or dead lifts bad hip/ lower back Leg press3x8 Sldl3x8 Calves raise leg press3x12 Ohp3x6 Db side raise3x10 Rear Flys3x10 Cgp3x6 Bench3x6 Incline db press3x8 BB rows3x8 Rack pulls3x8 Chins3xmax BB...
  7. A

    Hugh Jackman is at it again - deadlifting 396lbs

  8. A

    How do you grip the bar when deadlifting

    How do you grip the bar when deadlifting
  9. A

    "Big on the Basics: Beyond" Deadlifting with Richard Hawthorne

    In this special "Beyond" installment of Animal's powerlifting tutorial series, "Big on the Basics", all-time world record-holder and Animal athlete Richard "The Ant" Hawthorne, breaks down the conventional deadlift in extreme detail. This is a master's class in the art of deadlifting...
  10. A

    How important is the deadlift?

    Don't see too many others perform this exercise in my gym. Do you?
  11. Goosey

    Deadlifting, round back

    By Some bloke. I’ve always had some unconventional views on the deadlift. They mainly stem from my unconventional technique in deadlifting. You see, I’m a roundback deadlifter in the mold of Vince Anello or Lamar Gant. Now I’m not equating myself in their tremendous company; just comparing so...
  12. Goosey

    Varieties of Deadlifting by John Grimek (1962)

    Varieties of Deadlifting by John Grimek (1962) In spite of some opposition to the deadlift by a few authorities in the past, the deadlift is still one of the finest exercises for any barbell man to include in his training. But the name "deadlift" has a strange, ominous ring to all who are not...
  13. gymbunny

    Females Deadlifting

    I'm curious to know if Im the only female training that finds it easier to lift heavy whilst maintaining form by doing Semi Sumo deadlifts? It just felt so much more natural to lift in this style. Ive done a little bit of reading of the pros/cons of doing Sumo deadlifts vs conventional...
  14. Shrek

    Deadlifting with Anth and Daniel

    Anth Bailes and ex-British Gladiator/professional wrestler Daniel Singh finsh their back workout with some brutal deadlifts. Bailes is competing this weekend in Manchester, UK Brutal Intensity Part 3: Deadlifting with Anth and Daniel
  15. J

    Correct Olympic Weight Plates for Deadlifting?

    Hi guys, From what i've read on this forum it seems like the Gym Direct 20kg Olympic weight plates are not the right diameter for a standard deadlift starting position. I was just wondering if anyone knows if the 20kg plates from Sams Fitness or Gym & Fitness were the correct diameter? If...
  16. P

    sumo deadlifting

    i thought this vid may be of some interest. K9t0TNSFJUI
  17. D1cko

    Deadlifting Bloody Shins

    G'day all Yesterday, I realised that scraped and bloody shins are inevitable while deadlifting with correct technique... My question, can you avoid it? Is there a stance problem? Or do people wear long pants?....not real desirable in the Pilbara? Cheers
  18. SWH

    Deadlifting Problems

    I'm having big problems with my deadlift and stiff leg deadlift. I suppose its really hard to explain without a video or seeing it irl but its really annoying me. I'm getting a sort of sharp back pain sometimes when I deadlift just below the middle of my back. When reading up on form i've...
  19. TrentZor

    PTC Sydney Deadlifting Comp #1

    WHAT: PTC SYDNEY DEADLIFT COMP #1 WHEN: Sunday the 23rd October 2011 Weigh in: 10am till 11am. Lifting starts at 11:30am Sharp!! WHERE: PTC Sydney - Unit 2/41-43 Day St, Silverwater 2128 COST: $20 entry fee, spectators free. Gear Soft suits are not needed but optional. Belts are allowed. This...
  20. dandexter

    Squat & Deadlifting Only

    What I'm Doing For the next month or more i'll only be doing squats and deadlifts (and other versions of them, ie box squats). Reason The pain/problem in my right elbow/tricep is at a point now where almost all exercises bring it on. First it was only bench press and chin ups (yeah idk why...