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  1. J


    Anyone have good bulking results with Vitargo that justifies the price?
  2. Shrek

    PWO Carbs - Share your experiences.

    Do you take them, dextrose, waxy maize starch, Vitargo etc? How much do you take? Where did you buy it? How much did you pay? What are/were the results?
  3. A


    Has anyone tried incredibulk by PS nutrition?
  4. Fister Roboto

    Dextrose VS Lollies

    My intra/post mix is BCAAs. extra leucine and dextrose. What would be the impact of just eating lollies instead of adding dextrose. Is it the fructose? IS IT? Cheers kunce
  5. D

    Best place to buy Dextrose and WPC?

    Hi guys, This is my first post. Just wondering where you would recommend buying some dextrose and WPC looking to get around 4-5kg of dextrose and 5kg of WPC. I've used bulknutrients once for WPC and I was happy to that but I'm open to suggestions and I haven't bought Dextrose before. Thanks
  6. R

    Most effective way of taking WPI/WPC, Dextrose, L-Glutamine and Creatine Post+Pre w/o

    I am just curious as to what the most effective way to take WPI/WPC, dextrose, l-glutamine and creatine. I know this has been answered a few times on Google, but I want to know what works best for you all as individuals. I anticipate that I will need to take dextrose, l-glutamine and creatine...
  7. A


    Where do you guys buy dextrose? I've had a look in our supermarket and also checked out a local health store... Nothing? Is there anywhere to buy it online at a reasonable price? (ie not branded as a supplement!)
  8. pistachio

    which is better PWO, dextrose or oatmass?

    i'm considering either: - 35g WPC + 35g dextrose OR - 35g WPC + 35g oatmass followed by a full meal about 30 minutes later. which would you choose and why? i prefer option 1, simply because the dextrose flavours the protein so you can use unflavoured protein which is cheaper. not to...
  9. S

    Dextrose: Pre or Post?

    When is it better to take dextrose, pre or post?
  10. B


    gday lads how just interested to know how much dextrose u take post workout for me its about 40g protein and 50g dextrose not really sure whats best
  11. B

    what makes Dextrose better?

    Hey guys In PWO supps, I notice many people use dextrose. What makes dextrose better than something like sucrose? Is Dextrose just glucose and hence doesn't increase liver glycogen?
  12. J

    Gen Tec Pure Carbs same as Dextrose

    Is Gen Tec Pure Carbs the same as Dextrose? I was going to buy some dextrose to put in my post work out shake although I already have Gen Tec Pure Carbs? Cheers