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  1. Aiden3121


    Just wanted to know if any of you guys have used this for a cut? My friend has got some in and I wanted to know what your experiences are with this? I have heard about side effects, I am still unsure if I should buy some off him. Please no dickheads telling me steroids are are for weak small...
  2. J

    Muscle Building Nutrition

    YouTube - ‪Muscle Building Nutrition - Part 1 A‬‎ YouTube - ‪Muscle Building Nutrition - Part 1 B‬‎ YouTube - ‪Muscle Building Nutrition Program - Part 2‬‎
  3. kindred

    I wanna get most of my protien through oats and eggs will i die?

    If I get say 97-99% of my protien from eggs and oats will that eventually weaken me? I want to switch from mostly meat because of the cost and taste (not a huge fan). I will also chuck in almonds and be getting a little protien of vegtables. My plan is to eat a big bowl of oats (the healthy...
  4. 1

    animal vs plant protein, alkaline vs acid etc

    I'm really interested in getting some opinions on the benefits of animal protein vs plant protein, red meat vs white meat and concept of low meat consumption for benefit of alkaline diet vs high meat consumption for its nutrient dense qualities. The usual disclaimer - I won't take responses as...