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  1. J

    Deep Squats

    I'm defiantly a newbie to squats deads etc, so some guidance is much appreciated is going deep important? I mean going past parallel, lately I've been trying to get real deep but its difficult to get back up with higher weights. have found I need to drop my weight by about 10-15kgs to get real...
  2. B

    [Article] The Only Supplements You Will Ever Need to Grow Muscle

    If you are working out on a day-to-day (or 3-4 times a week) basis you need to take supplements. Never the less you don’t need the top-of-the-line muscle building supplement that guarantees success in one month. Remember, the better it sounds, the more it goes for your money. If it’s too good to...
  3. vader-nator

    Mike Mentzer - Frequency less as GROW BIGGER

    Have just been re-reading all my Mentzer books etc. He states that the body has a 300% capacity to grow stronger but only a 50% capacity to recover. So as we get bigger we need to do less. A 12" arm contracting at 100% will not tax the overall body as much as an 18" arm contracting maximally...
  4. R

    Is this workout good to grow size in upper legs

    Hi, This is a leg routine I created to build my upper legs. I have been reading in M&F about the amount of sets and intensity for growth and based on my understanding I devised this routine that I try to do twice a week. I am limited in that I can only squat what I can clean and jerk as I...
  5. J

    Exercise for perky breasts

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if there are any exercises i can do to help lift my breasts or give them more support. Thanks for any help Jodi
  6. P

    How muscles grow

    By nature our bodies are lazy and would prefer to just eat, sleep and sit around all day. When you start weight training you introduce a new stress or workload to the body. Your body will then adapt to this new stress by increasing strength and muscle size. The body does not like hard work so it...