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  1. A

    People who left/modified their careers to pursue personal training. How did you do it

    People who left/modified their careers to pursue personal training. How did you do it and how has it been working out for you?
  2. Shrek

    Free weights v Machines v Cables

    What do you prefer and why or do you use a combination of all?
  3. spartacus

    2015 Crossfit Games

    anyone watching crossfit games? pretty impressive feats amongst madness of it all.
  4. A

    Has bodybuilding helped or harmed your dating life?

    Has bodybuilding helped or harmed your dating life?
  5. H

    Plyo Boxes

    Hey guys, has anyone ever built there own plyo boxes ? i was thinking of building some for the home gym just wondering what type of wood to use ? Any suggestions would be appreciated, i'll also do a write up when they're done/during build!
  6. H

    Where are you from & Where do you Train ?

    Not sure if this is allowed but thought it might be a good idea for everyone to list where they're from so people can find buddies in similar areas etc for possible workouts and stuff ? Maybe something similar to the Age/Weight thread Just an idea of course. Location: Perth, Western...
  7. A

    What exercises do you find difficult in your home gym?

    given home gym limitations, what exercises have you struggled with
  8. A

    Woman’s deep voice sparks roid rage

    WHEN personal trainer Ryan Bernard Horner’s bodybuilder girlfriend started developing male traits, he began to suspect her trainer was pushing her to use illegal steroids. Source: Supplied WHEN personal trainer Ryan Bernard Horner’s bodybuilder girlfriend started developing male traits, he...
  9. Rugby88

    Starting home gym

    As some of you may be aware - I have not been training much, motivation is down - but also on the other hand I have just purchased my 1st home and will be moving in (all things going well) on the 16th on this month. It is a beautiful old country style home BUT it also has a fantastic garage and...
  10. A

    Calum von Moger, Geelong bodybuilder, wins Mr Universe

    A 25-year-old Geelong man who was a self-confessed teenage “skinny little boy” has been crowned Mr Universe. Calum von Moger, 188cm and 112kg when not competing, won the bodybuilding pro title at the World Fitness Federation Universe event, staged in La Ciotat on the French Riveria over the...
  11. A

    Personal trainer charged over allegedly selling steroids at Kings Cross gym

    A personal trainer has been charged over supplying steroids following a police investigation into alleged drug dealing in the Kings Cross area. Police arrested a 26-year-old personal trainer who worked at a local gym on Friday. The man was taken to Sutherland Police Station while police searched...
  12. A

    Ed Coan's Favorite Skwaat and Deadlift Assistance Exercises

  13. Grunta

    Any kunce have a concave TV?

    As per the title, has anyone got one I them fancy curved screens? If yes, good? If so why good? Gimmick? Why? I looked at one today with matching curved soundbar, shmick fuken. If I had more time it would have come home with me, but I haven't researched them or the going price so didn't want to...
  14. S

    Price my gym

    Am looking at selling my home gym and wondering your thoughts on an appropriate price to advertise. Spent around $2500 all up brand new. Force USA: Power Rack Inclince Decline Bench 182.5 kg Olympic Rubber Plates (2x25, 2x20, 2x15, 4x10, 2x5, 4x2.5, 2x1.25) Force USA Plate Rack 1500lb Barbell...
  15. A

    Teen suffers severe burns after plastic protein shaker explodes in his face

    Painful injuries ... Dion Chilton suffered third degree burns when a protein shaker he was filling with boiling water exploded in his face. Source: Snapper Media A UK teenager suffered third-degree burns after a plastic protein shaker containing boiling water exploded over his face. Dion...
  16. KungFooGoo

    Rack, Benches, Bars - Perth, W.A

    Selling all of my home gym gear. l'll be throwing up my weights, weight tree and possibly an ABC bar up later on this week after l hear back from someone so l'll update the post than. Please PM me if you'd like photos of the any piece or if you'd like to stop by and have a geez. Flat Bench -...
  17. Repacked

    Orions - how is everyone's holding up?

    Very happy with the Orions, very comfy etc, how is everyone's holding up? Mine are starting to come apart where the felt overlaps half way down the lace eyelets. They only get worn once a week for the most part so haven't done a huge number of ks...anyone else experiencing this?
  18. A

    Experts warn of criminal activity after discovery opens door for homemade heroin

    SCIENTISTS have figured out all the steps to make heroin and similar opiate-based painkillers without using poppies, opening the door for home-brewed drugs and even wider abuse. While no one has yet reported making morphine in the laboratory from scratch, some experts are calling for...
  19. spartacus

    2015 NBA playoffs

    champs, San Antonio, out. great match yesterday; lead changed over 30 times but clippers held on at home.
  20. B

    2015 Ausbb Transformation contest - $150 & $50 vouchers to be won..

    If you've missed it, apart from taking home with you the total prize pool, you'll also be in the chance to help yourself at anything you like in our range with a $150 or $50 voucher. Full details here: http://ausbb.com/showthread.php?t=29006 Good luck to all entrants! - Bulk Nutrients.