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  1. E


    Hey guys, I’ve recently found on internet this website call oms99.in, chatted with them on whats app and they seem to have a lot of good stuff. Also have good reviews on internet. They have shown me some pictures with aus packages ready for delivery with at least 5 or 6 Aus address. Just...
  2. Stiff 2G

    Ausbb voted world's funniest internet forum.

    If you don't believe it, Park your peepers on these little pearlers, to name but a few http://ausbb.com/showthread.php?t=30359 http://ausbb.com/showthread.php?t=30407 http://ausbb.com/showthread.php?t=30308
  3. Stiff 2G

    Fuck Chinese Communist Party

    Prepare to die kunce! If these CCP kunce wanna keep hacking our Internet, spying on our Government and Businesses etc, threatening expats Families, invading sovereign territories etc, I say we blow one of their Jets or Battleships outta the water/Sky next time they hassle anyone in...
  4. Big Mick

    BN Future Whey

    Anyone seen this?? http://www.bulknutrients.com.au/products/future-whey.html I just came across this in a random internet add, so I ordered a free sample, you can only try one flavour so I ordered lemonade, you would think that you could try both flavours so you can decide which one you...
  5. A

    Genki gym equipment

    Hi, I am planning to replace my old gym equipment, and the brand Genki caught my attention when I was browsing for reputable brands on the Internet. Have anyone used any gym equipment of this brand? Is it as good as advertised? Any suggestion is appreciated; thanks in advance.
  6. Goosey


    I posted this here because I didn't know where to, so many sub forums. back in the day at around the mid nineties there were a couple of forums specifically about lifting weights, with maybe three sub forums. all had their philosophies and like minded people used to discuss methods and swap...
  7. spartacus

    Any tips for book on masters training

    Mate and I are writing a book on strength training, hopefully for publication in US via Internet or short book. Just interested in any thoughts from Ausbb forum members with regard to their philosophies, and lessons learned over years. It is a book that will be very easy to read based on...
  8. G

    What is proper squat form?

    Hello, I ask this for one reason... internet seems to have a variety of forms which are all classified 'correct'. Most forms I notice are pretty much feet pointing forward (away from you in a straight line) then squat down and up. I then found a powerlifting site that says feet should point...
  9. Darkoz

    Refugees in Europe

    I'm interested in your opinion of this video Remember, we're not talking about immigration, the people here are supposed to be refugees fleeing for their lives to a safer land. Some of the comments would be hilarious if not for the seriousness of the matter "internet here very slow" "Food here...
  10. Goosey

    The Internet and the good and bad

    It's provided a flood of information, (can't remember excactly when I got on board) a lot of which is just regurgitating crapola. for yourself, list the top 3 people you consider has change your thinking for the better and why if you please. for me? 1 Dan John, although I don't follow...
  11. Repacked

    Not another belt thread..

    So...there are hundreds of threads about which belt to buy, 10 or 13mm, single/double prong or lever etc on the internet and everyone has a different opinion; at the end of the day a hundred differing opinions are of little assistance. I'm interested in the opinion of cats on this forum who...
  12. A

    Bodybuilding for beginners

    If you could impart any advice for beginners who want to get into bodybuilding what would it be?
  13. Grunta

    Internet TV

    @White_Lie ; @Repacked ; you kunce are up whith the latest 90s tech shit, can you explain to a kunce that still lives in the analogue era, how this works. the area where I'm building doesn't allow tv antennas and mandates fibre-optic through the house, has to be in the plan, so I'll have ultra...
  14. Shrek

    The Lowdown On Drugs - Kevin Levrone, Shawn Ray & Dorian Yates Speak Out

    Kevin Levrone, Shawn Ray & Dorian Yates Speak Out In bodybuilding there’s no more contentious issue than drug use exacerbated by the variety of conflicting advice being spread through the Internet. That’s why we went to these living legends of the sport, all of whom are long since retired, to...
  15. spartacus

    Sydney PCYC

    Being a tight ass, I hate paying much for a casual gym visit, I have joined Albury PCYC ($20 annual membership) so I can get cheap casual sessions at Sydney's PCYCs. Happy to give my money to such an important youth and citizen organisation. Anyone have any experience with such gyms in...
  16. Shrek

    Chinese teen chops hand off to ‘cure’ internet addiction

    Chinese teen chops hand off to ‘cure’ internet addiction Beijing: A Chinese teenager has been rushed to hospital after chopping off his hand in a desperate attempt to cure his addiction to the internet. There are currently an estimated 24 million young "web junkies" in China, according to...
  17. A

    Internet Fitness Culture Promotes Male Body Image Disorders & Recreational Steroid Us

    Internet Fitness Culture Promotes Male Body Image Disorders & Recreational Steroid Us Internet Fitness Culture Promotes Male Body Image Disorders & Recreational Steroid Use
  18. J

    I-phone into laptop for internet connection?

    Can anyone tell me if I can plug my iPhone into a laptop (via the USB lead) and get on the net? cheers
  19. Light Weight

    [ADL] DHS Hercules Weightlifting Olympic Barbell

    [ADL] DHS Hercules Weightlifting Oly Olympic Barbell. Great for Olympic lifting, powerlifting or crossfit. Ideal for a home gym, PT studio or commercial gym. These bars are used by "Australian Muscle: The Gym" so you know they can take a beating. Details: High Quality Barbell similar to...
  20. 0ni

    Recent Internet Drama

    As the registered rustler here on AusBB it is my duty to fill you in on the current e-drama in the powerlifting world. The current drama is between Mike Tushcherer, Westside and Chad Wesley Smith. The topic is speed First Mike T. wrote this article Why Speed Work Doesn't Work - Juggernaut...