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Hi, I am planning to replace my old gym equipment, and the brand Genki caught my attention when I was browsing for reputable brands on the Internet.
Have anyone used any gym equipment of this brand? Is it as good as advertised?

Any suggestion is appreciated; thanks in advance.
Initially I am thinking about invention table, and a station.
I can't post pics, but I think they are not that necessary.
No they are not.

Get a power rack with cable attachment and plates. Good to go.
ok, thanks. But you mean those of Genki, or those of any brands would be fine?
Not familiar with Genki, but if they have power racks get that before a station. Post a link to said brand.
you got me:rolleyes:...I'm from Brazil. new immigrant.

do not focus on my lousy english plz:(
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crazysales is similar aliexpress, mostly cheap copies. That being said, sometimes it is our brands that copy those products.
So you can go around paying the Australian RRP with the branding, etc or maybe find a diamond in the rough via one of these sites.
Personally, I would tend to steer clear of asian copies (or originals) without the company name, etc.
Especially if you're planning on using it to lift weights.

But as mentioned powercage and plates is the best way to go.
From the search results of google, I find out those gym equipment of Genki is mostly sold on crazysales:


Also I checked productreview and yelp about this brand, not so many comments, but most of them are positive ones.

Sorry to say it looks like rubbish to me.

Not much of anything there that I would buy or use.

But it depends on what training you do. Do you want to lift weights or just do some fitness training??

If you want to lift weights, buy a bar and some weights, a rack and a bench,

If you are on a tight budget check out Gumtree or eBay or similar for second hand bargains, old weights are just as heavy as new ones, your muscles will not know the difference, and they may only cost less than half of buying new.

Here are some examples: