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  1. Shrek

    Mark Wahlberg

    Juice or no.
  2. Shrek

    First Paralyzed human regains upper body movement.

  3. Reide


    Is juice good or bad for you? When I say juice I dont mean with all the preservatives.
  4. WoodyAllen

    Beetroot juice

    This is old news, for those who are in the know, but it has now been shown that beetroot juice does improve performance. Its also a great stim for fat loss. http://www.watoday.com.au/wa-news/university-of-wa-researchers-find-beetroot-juice-could-enhance-athletes-20160307-gncwwj.html
  5. Big Mick

    Coconut Water

    Seems to be the flavour of the month. My daughter loves it, she also goes nuts for actual coconuts. Anyone crazy about this new health craze?? Any opinions?? Benefits?? Negatives??
  6. A

    Munchie Tuesdays - Drinks

    What are your favorite drinks? Do you just drink water? How about juice? How often do you drink soda?
  7. steveP

    Bodybuilder Owns FOUR Powerlifters In An EPIC Deadlift Battle

  8. kaz

    The Internet Frustrates Me!

    And then this just made my day. Doing the rounds on FB.
  9. A

    Does your partner know you JUICE?!

    Does your partner know you JUICE?
  10. B

    Bovine Colostrum - Protein powder on juice!

    Taken from our Facebook page: We normally don't do "products of the week" here on our page, if ever at all - but this is certainly one supplement that deserves more recognition but doesn't get any at all! Call it Protein powder on juice if you like - BOVINE COLOSTRUM. Unlike Whey protein...
  11. ride29er

    Getting on the Juice

    Im keen to get on the Juice, a lot off guys I train with swear by it, so im going to buy a juicer tomorrow and am interested if anyone has some good recipes for the juicer, I had a taste off beetroot juice this morning, tasted pretty nasty, apparently great for endurance training though, but am...
  12. L

    Beetroot juice - proven to improve performance ?

    "scientifically proven to improve sporting performance, and has even been referred to as "legal blood doping" " 'Legal blood doping': a juice to help beet your best BEET IT - buy organic beetroot juice from James White Drinks - Home BEET IT - buy organic beetroot juice from James White Drinks...

    Juice junky cutting protocol

    Test E 500mg pw HCG 250IU 3 x pw Adex 0.5mg twice pw Proviron 25mg ED DNP 200mg ED(start off on 100mg ed for the first week) T3 100mcg ED(start off on 50mcg ed for the first week) Clen 100-150mcg ED 5 on 5 off(start off on 50mcg ed and work upwards) Duromine ED 5 on 5 off when not on clen. As...
  14. TheGiftToLift

    Does juice affect raw eggs?

    I am trying to get into raw eggs but the consistency of eggs is absolutely terrible. So I tried mixing them with pineapple juice, and it tastes pretty darn good. It seems to me that the juice breaks down the eggs (acidity?) and makes it less viscous. The sourish taste of pineapple also helps to...
  15. pistachio

    Fruit and veg juice - Is it good for you?

    Ok, so I've been making a bit of a habit of buying 1.3L of fruit and veg juice on low energy days (ie poor sleep) to get through workouts. It has worked fantastically, although this could be due to the +100g of sugar.... So my question, is it ok to have 1.3L of fruit/veg juice say 3 times a...
  16. MikeW

    Have Juicer, will Juice...

    Any recipes for my new fancy juicer? Just bought a Breville 850w one on eBay. Nice unit, picking it up on Saturday and looking forward to juicing up a storm. I use a blender for my shakes with oats and stuff, but would be interested in how people have used their juicers and what sort of...
  17. G

    V8 juice

    Hi all, I'm just curious is the V8 Veggie juice really like having a serve of fruit and veg? Or is it just a load of BS
  18. G

    Rhinos juice???

    Someone told me about a rhino's juice you can buy from the supplement store. Its suppose to give you a lot of energy. Someone explained the energy like dropping a pill. Has anyone heard of it and tried it?
  19. kindred

    Is juice just as bad as soda/cool drink/soft drink?

    same as above