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  1. Stiff 2G

    Misc News Thread

    It's time.
  2. S

    How many eggs should you eat in a week.

    12 according to new research. http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/diet/this-is-how-many-eggs-you-can-eat-in-a-week/news-story/25d561d2cec6ba376d8bd170b8b43bce Doesn't say what happens if you eat more than that? I have 6 per day!
  3. Shrek

    The Dark Web

    What is this "the Dark Web" I've been hearing about on the radio today? Kunce selling medicare details on "the Dark Web" for $30...
  4. Shrek


    Seems to be the in thing with pro's nowadays.
  5. Goosey

    The Internet and the good and bad

    It's provided a flood of information, (can't remember excactly when I got on board) a lot of which is just regurgitating crapola. for yourself, list the top 3 people you consider has change your thinking for the better and why if you please. for me? 1 Dan John, although I don't follow...
  6. P

    Good eating for bulking working odd hours

    I've recently starting working out and I'm working on improving my diet vastly. With my job I work most days and my shifts start mainly at 11am and finish at 9pm which means most of the time I miss out on a decent lunch and dinner. I try and eat healthy meals when I can but most of the time I...
  7. The Hamburgler

    AusBB Odd Lift Leaderboard

    Another forum comp for shits and giggles (not to mention bragging rights!) In the post below you will find a series of "odd lifts" that you would not find in regular Powerlifting or Weightlifting competitions. Have a read, give em a try and post your results in here. If you make the top 10 you...
  8. The Hamburgler

    Odd lifts Discussion

    As per the complex leader board discussion, taking ideas to start one with random "odd-lifts" ie ones that you are unlikely to find in any official comps. Suggestions so far (plus a couple I have added) Pull Ups - Body weight for maximum repetitions. All repetitions must start from a dead hang...
  9. haz

    powerclean - drop the weight from the top or lower it

    i wanted to hear thoughts on either dropping the weight (bumper plates) or lowering the weight with your body in a sorta romanian deadlift. which is better? with dropping the weight you are saving energy that can be used to do another clean or heavier weights with the lowering approach you...