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  1. C

    Tainted Supplements

    I’ve read that a significant number of protein powders are contaminated with steroids or similar drugs. Anyone know which ones ?
  2. L

    How's it going.

    Hi, Im new here. 36 yrs old, been training.....must be 20+ years now on and off. Got back in to it seriously at the beggining of this year. Will never let life, work or relationships prevent me from doing my thing again. love it. Currently working each muscle twice a week, 5 day split but...
  3. T

    Max's Challenge

    Hi all, First time poster, so if this is in the wrong section feel free to move. If someone could take the time to read through and give me some info, it'd be greatly appreciated. My wife and I are few years ago thought we'd sign up to do the Max's Challenge, both fit but no proper training...
  4. X

    Pre workout for focus at work

    Hi, I used to do power lifting and took the original mesomoporph pre workout to train. I don't lift anymore but I am interested in using some pre workout for energy when I am laying carpet, which is quite physical. Could anyone please recommend something that could match the old dmaa powders...
  5. A

    Does protein powder make you bulky?

    THIS is one of the most common questions I get from women. If you read no further the simple answer is … no. So the next question is, do you need it then? The answer to that is not so simple. Most women want to be lean and fit looking. The misconceptions are that protein, especially powder, is...
  6. S

    Australian made Supplements?

    Anyone know of good Australian made supplements? Obviously there are the big ones like Bulk Nutrients etc. Who are the smaller independents making great products?

    New products / Coming Soon / Weekly Deal on PRE and POST

    Hi Ausbb'ers. Since the last post on here we've been working away to deliver some new products and new sizes for existing products. What's New New 1kg Amino Acid Bag Sizes (Heavily Discounted) - Creapure Creatine, BCAA's, Glutamine, Beta Alanine and Citrulline Malate. Plant based protein...
  8. W

    Bulk Powders (Au) IgG40 Colostrum - Too good to be true?

    Hey hoes and bros, I'm really keen on trying bovine colostrum out after the studies and info I've read on it. Anyone who knows anything about it knows that for a good colostrum to work it has to be of a good quality and that there are a heap of varying qualities available out there. This...
  9. Caino

    Protein powders cheap!!

    So i forgot to post this up in this forum, 1.look at pic 2.ask for price 3. sold is the 2kg iso100 but i have the 1.3kg still in stock Far cheaper then GNC and most about 10-30 buks cheaper then ebay
  10. L

    Best Powdered oats? Bulk Nutrients vs Bulk Powders?

    Just as the title says? Looking for good oats I can chuck straight into a shaker cup to shake and drink.
  11. M

    Bulk powders

    Current sample of what I have from them: I have been using their products for 2 years now, never had an issue. The taste is great of all the protein flavours. The BCAA is OK, nothing beats XTEND though.
  12. D

    Bulk Powders feedback?

    Hey Guys, Just looking for some feedback on bulk powders, Particularly their WPC and BCAA flavours. Whats the Best BCAA (2:1) flavor? I like the sound of Lemon lime and Apple. I'm also interested in their Honeycomb WPC. Has anyone here tried it? Unfortunatly I couldnt find many reviews so...
  13. richottr

    Bulk Powders Whey Oat Mass Honeycomb

    Found this product by chance on Facebook. I've been looking forward to trying a nutritionally packed mass gainer / meal replacement shake and this popped up with 20% off. Ordered Thursday, received today (Saturday). First glance, I noticed a couple of small seeds that must have escaped the...
  14. M

    Why are protein powders unsuitable for pregnant women?

    i don't get it - protein powders are just milk solids (at least in the case of WPC, WPI, casein, etc) but every bag says "not suitable for pregnant women". why is that?
  15. peanutz

    RTD's or just powders?

    Anyone here use ready-to-drink protein drinks? So not cost effective, but handy. I keep them stashed everywhere. My favourite at the moment is Aussie Bodies - they've come out with a new low carb version (dutch choc) 30/10/8 with 286cal per 375ml. It's a fave for the breakfast drive. I had a...
  16. A

    Youths muscle in on party powders

    YOUNG revellers are taking body-building powders that contain a "speed-like" stimulant and which has been banned overseas because of potentially deadly side effects. Party-goers as young as 17 are taking the supplements, which have names such as Napalm and Code Red, to give them an energy...
  17. R

    Pure supplement powders

    Does anyone know if Pure Supplement Powders - Buy Quality Supplements in Bulk at Discount Prices| Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Glutamine, Creatine, Piracetam, Soy Protein Isolate, Casein Protein Isolate, Maltodextrin are still in operation? I just joined and I see they are no...
  18. Neddysmith

    Bulk Powders NOX limited Edition?

    Hey Guys, Posted in another thread but didnt get much ona reponse and the it sort fo got lost, so thought i would post a thread about this product. I was thinking about giving a pre workout a go and was going to either use this or BN Pre workout, considering there is already a thread about...
  19. J

    Weightgain Powders - fast carbs

    Why do all weightgainer powders contain fast carbs (maltodextrin or dextrose)? wouldn't that lead to more fat storage
  20. K

    Powders What and How ?

    G'day Bit of a noob when it comes to supplements I want to start training but I do not eat anywhere NEAR enough REAL foods to support growth (im working on my apettite :S) Can anyone recommend a particular protein powder to help out ? I'd like to gain muscle size without getting that...