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Hi all,

First time poster, so if this is in the wrong section feel free to move. If someone could take the time to read through and give me some info, it'd be greatly appreciated.

My wife and I are few years ago thought we'd sign up to do the Max's Challenge, both fit but no proper training. Doing fine but then after a couple of weeks were a bit taken back by the constant price that comes with protein powders etc. At the time, we just weren't prepared for that ongoing cost as we went into the challenge with zero knowledge of protein powders etc and the training/diet slowly faded away. In recent years, I've let the body go a little, still fit but no where near when I used to play football on a regular basis. So I'd like to give it another go. Now I know most on here would see it as not the best way to go about it and cite the cost etc and I agree. However, I'll be doing this alone and I think the structure and having someone type of financial commitment to it will keep me on track.

My main question though is in regards to protein powders, now I know this is a money making exercise for Max's and have no issue with that but have heard their products are ridiculously expensive. So I will probably be opting to use other brands but I'd like to know what you'd think I should be spending on protein powders over the 12 week duration?

From the FAQ's it suggests that over the 12 week period, I'd need:
3 tub Protein
2 boxes of bars
2 cookies
2 tubs of Nite time

So in regards to other brands (I'm not after the absolute best stuff or anything to help me bulk up massively), just some nice and easy to help me get through training and become that touch healthier again, what would you expect to be paying over a 12 week duration.

Any help/info would be greatly appreciated.

No offence bro, but Max's can suck a fat one. The biggest rip-off merchants in the industry.

Good luck with your challenge.

Do not buy all that garbage for the sake of a challenge. You don't need it.

Log you challenge, we'll help you out.

Fuck i hate Max's.
Also, cookies, you need cookies? No person alive needs cookies. FFS

It's a treat once in a while, like bars.
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Thanks, and that's why I won't be buying the product, only using it for the structure. Any ideas on how much I should be spending on protein powder over 12 weeks?
Yuu don't need protein powder.
By all means get a tub for the times when you can't get enough.

It's certainly not need for the challenge or anything.

Bro, it's a scam.
Also, protein, be it in powder or whole food is not a 12 week thing, it's required for the rest of your life. Make life decisions not 12 week decisions.
Agreed, I'm doing it to get back on track, not for a competition, thanks for the heads up.
Havn't used maxs products in many years. I remember the MAXS CVGM Bars like 20 years ago, i ate them in high school.