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  1. I

    No sperm after cycle

    Hi all I finish a cycle of test e and mop some time ago Only trouble is that my supplier could not get any post cycle therapy stuff So that was about 8 weeks abo Just went for a sperm test because of personal reason and I have no sperm Would this be caused by the no post cycle therapy Will...
  2. S

    Novice comps for Shits and Giggles

    Thinking of trying a comp at the end of the year just for the hell of it and I don't know why really, just think it would be cool to say I did it. Won't come close to being on the podium but guess it gives you a goal to work towards and you can get a total marked off then go try and beat it...
  3. N

    Posts with links?

    Hi, How many posts do I have to do before I can post a link? The main reason I joined this forum is to ask advice regarding 2 half racks in considering buying but I can't cos I can't post the links to them Cheers
  4. Shrek

    Fuck Friends

    I don’t have any for this very reason. Happy to be a loner.
  5. S

    Burpees - yay or nay

    I remember back in the mid 80s, my Sister who is a School Teacher and was a Fitness Fanatic explained how Schools had banned P.E. Teachers from getting Students to do Burpees. I think the reason was Lower Back Injuries - the throwing the Feet out behind the Body on going down. The obvious...
  6. A

    Kai wins best bodybuilder personality award.

  7. L

    Overhead Press, forearm clicking

    Hi All, Just switched from seated overhead press (slight incline), to standing again. I realised my grip was way too wide (on the gnurling), and have bought my grip into should width as per the various form guidelines on "proper form". Generally I feel stronger like this too with less shoulder...
  8. F

    Simply Walking - GPS Map Steps

    There's a reason to why I'm sharing this app with you if you like walking. Generally, we all sometimes fall into this habit of following the crowd, or looking at what is most popular based on the reviews of others. Well, this app which I downloaded about two days ago, had a review score of 3.9...
  9. jzpowahz

    Push band. (Measures bar speed)

    This is state of the art technology to be used for strength and conditioning. Accurately measure bar speed, force, power and many other things to really take your training to the next level. Checkout http://www.trainwithpush.com for more info. I've used this about 10 times and it worked great...
  10. S

    Training for different reasons

    OK kunce, trolling the Ausbb Aesthetics Crew over, now lets get serious. Post what your experience and research etc tells you is the best way to train for: 1. Hypertrophy. 2. Strength. 3. All round hypertrophy, strength and for sportz etc. Is there any difference? Post about one of them...
  11. G

    What is proper squat form?

    Hello, I ask this for one reason... internet seems to have a variety of forms which are all classified 'correct'. Most forms I notice are pretty much feet pointing forward (away from you in a straight line) then squat down and up. I then found a powerlifting site that says feet should point...
  12. Reide

    Those little bean bags from primary school?

    You know the things from sports class? Where can you actually buy some? I wouldn't mind some because I have a few parents interested in fitness classes for their kids. Aka they want me to make sure they sleep. I checked Rebel sport and they said they only have them at Christmas for some reason.
  13. F

    Forced reps, a misnomer?

    The first time I wrote on forced reps was here The “F” word! back in 2009. I see myself writing about this method yet again today. Has anyone ever pondered over the name of this method? "Forced reps", are they really forced reps, or are they more a reduced reps of sort. I say that assistance...
  14. Neddysmith

    Melbourne Burger Joints.

    So lately for some reason i have been following a instagram site called burgersofmelbourne, there are some epic burger places around, which i think i am going to start to visit a few. First place on the list might be ----> Dandenong Pavillion...
  15. A

    What are you guys doing for your grip strength?

    What are you guys doing for your grip strength?
  16. A

    Lee Priest Gives PCT Advice to Bodybuilders

    Post cycle therapy, or PCT, is a very serious matter. A lot of guys can lift plenty of weight after a cycle of steroids, but have a lot of difficulty raising something else in the bedroom. One reason I steer well clear of the good stuff. Lee never denies his steroid usage, so he will have no...
  17. J


    Who here lunges? Ive started doing them (after never really doing them before) after my skuawts, they really are a next level vomit inducing suffering.
  18. S


    I cant believe no ones reviewed this! such a great product! what is it: Carbohydrate formula Cost: 770g $49 or 1.9kg $85 or the large buckets $130+ What does it do: delivers dietary carbohydrates (duh) smell: unflavoured- smells nutty like almonds... i like it :) taste: unflavoured- a bit like...
  19. Shrek

    Rare Footage Of Arnold Schwarzenegger Training Chest - Wide-Grip Bench Press

    Why does Arnold have a short ROM even allowing for wide grip?
  20. A

    homemade 40W laser shotgun

    HE ADMITTED it was a dumb idea, but that didn’t stop this man from creating an ultra-futuristic homemade weapon. YouTube user styropyro has become an internet sensation for his work with lasers and his latest creation is no exception. The innovator recently took to his YouTube account to...