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  1. kaz

    RIP Mike Jenkins

    Sad news for the Strongman community with the news of Mike Jenkins suddenly passing this morning at age 31. Cause of death currently not known.
  2. J

    RIP Greg Kovaks

    http://www.rxmuscle.com/articles/lat...at-age-44.html Canadian Bodybuilder Greg Kovaks died today of heart failure at the age of 44. "The Strongest Bodybuilder Alive" won his procard at the Canadian Nationals in 1996. From Muscle Insider: "During the late ‘90s, Greg Kovacs dominated the...
  3. 0ni

    Psychoactive and Entheogenic Plants

    Anyone here grow their own psychoactive and entheogenic plants? I will be planting some acacia acuminata when I get back to Australia, which is the plant that contains the highest levels of DMT in Australia. I also have some salvia divinorum which is great for the first time grower as you get...
  4. taurus

    rip Joe Weider

    Joe Weider, Fitness Mentor To Schwarzenegger, Dies CBS Los Angeles
  5. kaz

    RIP Cat Man

    Everyone knows of this guy! Guiness World record for most surgical procedures. Apparent suicide. Aged 54 http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/2012/11/14/18/10/man-famous-for-extreme-tiger-body-modification-dies
  6. 0ni


  7. A

    RIP - Steve Jobs

    can't think of another person who's had the level of impact on the computing industry.. from the AppleII to the Macintosh to the iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Macbook etc, his hands were truly on them all
  8. Aiden3121

    RIP Luke Wood

    Dunno if yu heard but big luke wood died couple days ago. Body rejected organ transplant. I think we was only 29-28? Shame to see him go, was a big boy. RIP
  9. C

    R.I.P Stephen 'Bungy' Williams

    R.I.P Stephen 'Bungy' Williams Owner of Power Pit & NT rep for CAPO has now left us., Bungy served his country well & helped many people at 'The Pit. He has a PASSION for Body Building & Power Lifting. I will do you proud in Melbourne this weekend mate! R.I.P
  10. C

    RIP Hardcore Aussie Muscle Magazine

    RIP Hardcore Aussie Muscle Magazine. Was always nice to to Australians in print media. Guess those days are over.......
  11. J

    RIP Serge Nubret

    I was unsure on where to put this. Anyway, RIP Serge. A true bodybuilding legend!
  12. BiggerFaster

    11 STERONE - Rip Up For Summer

    Hi AusBB Members, At UHF we sell products you normally wouldnt find in Australia. That being said i believe we only sell products that work and have a proven history with the ingredients each supplement contains. Summer is on the horizion and like most guys i know that shredding that fat and...
  13. P

    Where do you get your food?

    I enjoy eating good food and am happy to travel to get a better quality of stuff. I'm in Point Cook, near home I've got a quality fruit and veg shop but travel to another suburb to a good butcher, and to another fruit and veg shop that gets good free range eggs. The only food i buy from the...
  14. B

    Bulk n rip PLease help

    Hi ppl, Im 180 cm and 65kg i want to be around 75kg But lean and ripped, My body shape is nice already just on the smaller scale. The problem is when i bulk i do not want to put weight on my face. Should i only be drinking I Protein powder no carbs at all because carbs is what puts the fat on...
  15. E


    Hey Guys, I bought 10ml of Clenbutoral... Its red in colour and i've been told to take 0.5ml of it every 2nd day. So, taking 0.5ml every 2nd day and having 10mls, means it should last about 40 days or so. Anyway, i take it first thing in the morning and i'm using it to shed about 3-4 kilos...