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  1. M

    cyberfit rubber prostyles - any owners?

    Hey guys, I've been lusting after a set of prostyle dumbbells for ages now, and I've got my eyes on the cyberfit adjustable prostyles. Anyone here own some? There's not many choices in Aus; Sam's, some chinese ones or hex. One of the many reasons I want to upgrade is be able to drop them...
  2. S

    10-15mm rubber gym flooring cut to size in Perth?

    G'day guys, Couldn't find anything in old threads and been ringing around with no luck, I am just wondering if anyone knew of a place where you can get the typical 10 or 15mm rubber gym flooring tile material cut to size in one piece for example 4x2m or 3x2m. Preferably in Perth or someone...
  3. akaperon

    fs rubber weights and vest syd

    100kg Rubber Weight Plates FOR Home GYM Dumbell Barbell Bench Press Equipment | eBay 30kg Force USA Weighted Vest FOR Cross FIT Home GYM Equipment Free Weights | eBay
  4. Jimmy123

    New rubber weights smell

    Hi everyone, Been reading for a while and just bought and assembled some equipment for home including a bunch of rubber weights. Thing is I'm in my spare room and the weights reek, they also seem to have a coating of oil on them, I presume to stop rust. My question is should I rub the oil...
  5. M

    EZ Curl bar for pansies?

    So basically I'm new to bodybuilding and just wondering what the general consensus is with the EZ Curl bar, is it for pussies? If so then I won't get one and stick with the barbell :) At my local gym my trainer made me use a thick foamy thing on my upper back for squatting, but after i read...
  6. N

    Gymdirect Oly rubber coated plate diameter?

    Anyone know the diameter of there 20kg oly rubber coated plates? They didnt reply to my email. Also what are the diameter of powerlifting standard plate? ie; plates used for deads? Cheers
  7. NightFallTech

    Which rubber coated olympic plates in Australia

    I'm looking to get a set (about 200kg worth at the moment) of rubber coated olympic plates (don't want bumpers, i'm not looking at doing any olympic lifts) Considering price, weight accuracy, quality and smell, Does anyone have any recommendations out of Iron edge (Kettlebells - Iron Edge...
  8. NightFallTech

    Rubber flooring available in Australia

    I'm looking for rubber floor tiles (1m sq) to to protect my wooden floor boards from dropped dumbells (and later , perhaps with an extra layer, deadlifts) all of the major players seem to sell this, who has the best quality available in terms of a firm surface and protection for my floors...
  9. G

    Rubber Flooring I can pick up in Brisbane

    Does anyone know where I can get rubber flooring in Brisbane? I only need two square metre's to put under the plates for when I do dead lifts. Had a look around on the internet and this is the cheapest I can find: Economy Rubber Gym Flooring Tiles +$20 delivery = $80 delivered
  10. G

    Rubber flooring - Adelaide

    Any suggestions where I can get decent rubber flooring in Adelaide? Cheers, GB
  11. O

    Hammertone vs Rubber coated?

  12. B

    Iron Edge/Aus Kettlebell Rubber Weight Plates - Any good??

    I was looking to buy some weight plates and in particular coloured ones if possible, i came across Kettlebells - Iron Edge Fitness Equipment - Train Smarter and they have a weight set of 157kg of Olympic Coloured Rubber Weights on there. I was wondering whether its good or bad that their plates...
  13. O

    Rings coming out of my rubber coated plates - how to fix

    I have a set of muscle motion adjustable dumbbells but on a few plates the rings are coming out. Is there anyway to somehow glue them back and get them to stay in? I thought about superglue but I'm concerned it will rot the rubber. Don't have the money for a fixed set right now, need your help...
  14. J

    Rubber Flooring Perth

    Ppl from Perth, where have you bought your rubber flooring. Went to Clak Rubber they ask me for $109 psm.... Found another guy selling for $65 and says its Aussie made and best quality around Any other places ? Are the ones in the local fitness stores any good ? Please let me know the...
  15. D

    Rubber Flooring in Melbourne

    hi so i'm getting my rack soon and I need some rubber flooring. I think I should be ok with 4 pieces, i plan to deadlift inside the rack and i have no space or ability to powerclean. I would prefer not to order online as shipping is around $50 and most places have minimum order quantities for...
  16. T

    Rubber Hex Dumbell Set

    Hi Everyone, I am looking to purchase the Hubber Hex Dumbell set from gymdirect which is 10 pairs , 2.5KG to 25KG including Rack for $1100. It seems abit pricey, does anyone know where to find it cheaper? Also what are your thoughts on this set if you have purchased one before?
  17. GoPies

    Floor mats.

    Hi All, I have covered my floor with rubber mats and just wanted to pass on some advice for those are wanting to do the same thing. 1). Make sure you clarify which mats that you want. E.G. the completely flat squares or the ones that have lines in them (quarters). 2). Make sure you buy all...