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  1. spartacus

    Some of your favorite pro wrestling interviews

    This one is about how to make a challenge, something some of the brutes on this site can learn from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6g_lecgQzb8#t=204
  2. F

    Hello - Supplements and your opinions

    Hello, I'm a 28 yo Male who's been training on and off for about 4 years and more recently taken things seriously at the gym. I'm around the 80kg mark and pretty lean and I'm looking to get Thanks in advance and look forward to learning some more from this site!
  3. A

    Woman’s deep voice sparks roid rage

    WHEN personal trainer Ryan Bernard Horner’s bodybuilder girlfriend started developing male traits, he began to suspect her trainer was pushing her to use illegal steroids. Source: Supplied WHEN personal trainer Ryan Bernard Horner’s bodybuilder girlfriend started developing male traits, he...
  4. Headley

    'Himalayan rock salt'...

    http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?t=115738 Just one of countless websites with the message that... 'found that even ordinary road salt was being sold as “Himalaya Salt” by ruthless opportunists.' Does anyone actually believe the bullshit spread by alternative health people about...
  5. B

    May 2015 Newsletter - our latest updates

    During the month of May we will have an excellent free gift for anyone who makes an order over $250. This month, large orders will be rewarded with a free 250g pouch of Acetyl Carnitine!Acetyl Carnitine is becoming hugely popular among the fitness conscious for itseffects on cognitive ability...
  6. spartacus

    netflix, quckflix, and other web streaming sites

    just joined Netflix today, anyone got it. Thoughts?
  7. S

    Is CAPO a waste of space?

    We've got an untested Fed - GPC and a tested Fed - P.A. So is CAPO redundant?
  8. A

    Whats the cheapest way you would set up a home gym?

    ok Ausbb , you have a budget of $500 to throw together a budget home gym , what would you buy

    Pre/post frmulas live on site - 26% introductory discount

    New formulas live on site, great pricing right now with up to 30% off. Both of these products are awesome stacks and we currently have some hi rep members trialling them, with reviews hopefully coming up shortly. Check them out on the links below. True PRE - 500g / 20 Serves / RRP $45.90 /...
  10. A

    supps R us torched again

    2nd time in a year that supps r us has been toched , they were torched on boxing day , now again No Cookies | Herald Sun POLICE are investigating a suspicious fire at a vitamin supplements warehouse at Dingley Village — the second suspected arson attack on the business since December. Three...
  11. gmmm1985


    Off to doctor today to quit smoking again. think I'm up to my 12th attempt now. has anyone found going to gym helped them quit. what helped you quit.
  12. Bench Polkov

    Cheng Chung Chih - 66kg Sub-junior deadlifts 290kg for the Open Asian record

    Pulled raw in an equipped comp but actually beats the raw Open WR by 22.5kg. FML.
  13. A

    Ausbb Anonymous Posting

    Ausbb Anonymous Posting Have you ever wanted to discuss something in the Steroids and Performance Enhancers Anabolic Steroids & Anabolic Chemistry & Testosterone Enhance forum of Ausbb - Australian Bodybuilding, but never posted because you didn't want people to know it was you? To solve...
  14. A

    Do you keep a log?

    How many of you keep a detailed training log? now i know many of you keep a log on Ausbb - Australian Bodybuilding , but do you keep a written record ?
  15. D

    Hey I'm new to the site and working out in general, any advice would be appreciated

    - Name, Anthony - Age, 21 - Gender, Male - Location, Brisbane - Training experience, None, I've done a bit of Muay Thai and Kickboxing, but never strength training, only speed and technique - Any Interests, Metal Music
  16. M

    Peptides in 2013 - Only one site now available?

    Hey guys. With all the use of peptides in sport (it seems that sports always ruin it for all of us :/ ) is there only one place around operating now? Premium seems down southern stopped doing within Aus All we have left is the overpriced research clinic? Anyone got any other info? Cheers.
  17. B

    Recommendations for Protein

    Hi all, Well following my 'introduce yourself' introduction, I figured I may as well jiump straight in and ask my first burning question.... What protein (preferably flavoured) would you guys recommend? In the UK I was using Syntrax Matrix which came recommended by a mate who was training in...
  18. I

    Is this site legit?

    Surely not: Oral Steroids - Oralsteroids.com If I shipped this to Adelaide, it would get scooped up by customs would it not?
  19. jet

    Great site for beginners

    Found this website whilst browsing the net. I think it is very useful for anyone who is starting out. It has instructions on how to perform lifts correctly and videos attached. Also has sections on diet and training programs. Principles : old school trainer
  20. B

    A good site to get weight plates from?

    Hey guys does anyone know of a good site/place to get weight plates from? Im asking this because my local(Cairns, Queensland) sports stores sell 20kg weight plates for about 60-80$, and the cheapest 20kg plate ive found online is 40$. So as u can see even with shipping costs im pretty sure its...