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  1. S

    Australia caught ball tampering

    http://www.bbc.com/sport/cricket/43526870 Bancroft caught, Steve Smith admits leadership group decided to do it.
  2. Shrek

    Swapping cardio training for weight sessions.

    Incredible transformation after ditching cardio - Fitness influencer shows incredible transformation after swapping cardio training for weight sessions. Rebecca Catherine Smith, who has more than 44k followers on the social media site, said she’d often “spend hours on cardio machines” in a...
  3. Shrek

    WTB - Olympic weight plates

    Need some Olympic plates. Preferably 20 or 25's. Can be old and rusty. I don't care. Sydney and surrounding areas.
  4. Headley

    Need a new routine

    Hi guys, i now live in a combined martial arts/weights gym, i have access to: - squat/smith machine cage - cable rower - cable cross over - flat and incline benches - leg press - heaps of dumbells - lots of barbells and stacks of weights I want to focus on my arms especially but all over my...
  5. A

    4 Time World's Strongest Brian Shaw & 2015 World's Fittest Ben Smith

  6. Shrek

    "Hifon Smith - Behind the Back Deadlift"

  7. F

    'Subliminal racism' in the US?

    In the 2016 Oscars, not a single black person was nominated, prompting many to boycott the ceremony next month. One of those boycotting will be Will Smith for example. Dustin Hoffman sees subliminal racism in action here and is not afraid to speak about it. It seems that the US is the US's #1...
  8. Shrek

    State of Origin 2015

    I think QLD will take back the title this year. Most of their big guns are playing well. Thurston, Inglis, Slater, Smith, Cronk. Where the key NSW players in key position are not. Hodkinson, Reynolds, Moloney etc. I fear. 3 nil whitewash. NSW also gave up a home game to Melb. What the fuck...
  9. TrentZor

    Whats been happening at PTC Sydney 2015

    I have decided to update to a new thread as the old one has been going for awhile Hopefully i will have time to post more on this site. #Strength #Powerlifting #Strongman
  10. H

    Samson Smith Machine

    Hi All, If anyones interested i have a samson smith machine up for sale it is in great condition .The slides have been always greased up and slide smooothly i am looking to get $400.00 which i think is very reasonable for this type of equipment.Shoot me a reply if you are interested.Cheers :)
  11. Drifter

    Bodysolid series 7 smith

    Does anyone have any experience with this piece of kit? I'm tempted to sell my powertec rack and ironmaster bench and buy one of these with the bodysolid FID bench. It has a smith and also the external gun rack, I could even get the lat option, so I wouldn't be losing any functionality, but...
  12. P

    Squats in the smith machine

    I have recently seen this being done and was wondering if it's a good practice ? I know a bloke that was doing it and he said it felt weird and the weight hurt his traps ??? I'm assuming he did not have it sitting correctly . Anyone here use the smith ?
  13. A

    dumbell press vs smith machine - shoulders

    which do you guys prefer? do you get better results on one inparticular? obvisouly we can lift heavier on the smith machine, but is free-weights better? i normally do dumbell press one week, then swap to smith machine the next and so on...
  14. littlebloke

    How to service a Smith machine with linear bearings

    Hi, Not sure where to post this so I thought I'd try here. I bought a used Avanti Smith machine yesterday - with linear bearings - very happy (for my use - not to re-sell). It's been outside for a bit, and has a little bit of surface rust on the rods. After steel wool they've come up ok, but...
  15. S

    Is the Smith Machine Press the same as doing Bench Press??

    I dont have a spotter when im at the Gym so the Smith Machine is a safer option for me i think. Hey just curious is the Smith Machine Press the same as doing a Bench Press or is the bench press a better option for working the chest??
  16. kindred

    Machines in gym whats good whats bad?

    I got a gym membership to a 24 hour gym that is 100% machines acept dumbbells. Because i wanted to lift weights before work which i couldnt do with my home gym as it wakes the people next door. ANYWAY I was thinking today about machines in most gyms. I know free weights are better but can...
  17. M

    Smith machine squats vs Leg Press

    I have been doing both lately just to get a feel but I am starting to think that the leg press is better, I noticed as I am going heavier with squats (120kg+) I am starting to get funny feelings in my knees/lower back, I have had my form checked by multiple trainers and they say it's AOK, do...