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  1. A

    What's your height, weight, and how many calories do you try to eat daily?

    What's your height, weight, and how many calories do you try to eat daily?
  2. A

    What are you guys doing for your grip strength?

    What are you guys doing for your grip strength?
  3. S

    Planks vs. Weighted Sit Ups

    Do you feel planks have any value for ab strength, or am I better off sticking with weighted sit ups?
  4. A

    What exercises do you find difficult in your home gym?

    given home gym limitations, what exercises have you struggled with
  5. Repacked

    What's the biggest 'bro' movement?

    What's the exercise that you see every bro or gym noob doing that you think is a waste of time?
  6. Shorr

    Weighted dips - how much ?

    Hey big bench pressers and huge triceps owners (lucky ones): do you do weighted dips and if so with how much weight and reps? I can do 10-12 reps in 25kg + BW (92 kg ), extra deep, but my arms are still average sized, nothing huge apart from my enthusiasm :-D Tell me your story please. Thx.
  7. A

    weighted Pushup Machine

    Pushup Machine
  8. O

    Weighted decline sit-ups

    I've tried several times to make these work for me (I hate having to stick my feet under the power rack and lay on a dirty carpet). Problem is, whenever I do it I always feel pressure in my lower back (right down by my tailbone) as well. Is this normal? should I quit them now or just start off...
  9. Flea

    weighted pull ups

    So Ive been doing alot of wide grip pull ups of late, Im at the stage now that I can do 5x5 with about 30sec rest between comfortably, Id like to step it up a notch I was thinking of going for 5x7 or doing them weighted and staying to the 5x5..? what would be better adding more reps or adding...