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Fucked up Kunce
Intermittent fasting has become widely popular. Both men and women of all age ranges have jumped on the bandwagon of this health and fitness trend to help them lose weight and improve their health. Before you go following in the steps of supposed fans, you want to be sure that you are clear on whatthis type of "diet"really consists of.
According toDr. Robert Zembroski- author of the health-focused book "Rebuild" - although fasting has been said to be good for the mind and body, there are also things that you should watch out for when you're done.
"Those that fast often indulge in eating high-calorie high-fat foods with the perception that fasting will allow them to devour whatever they want," he said. "When you deprive the body of food, there is a physiological drive to overeat due to the release of appetite hormones including ghrelin and leptin and excitation of the hunger center in your brain. This will cause people to overeat after their fast."
To help you along your journey, here are 10 myths - debunked - about intermittent fasting.

People are always quick to smash IF.
Just as many people also fall into the zealot "omg IF is everything" caregory.

Fact is...do whatever.

It's all the same for the gen-pop.

Get your required protein.
Get your required fibre/nutirents.
Stay within your caloric requirements.
Eat at similar times in similar volumes each day.
And magic happens.

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