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Another clusterphuk of douchebags. Well, if proven guilty. They are innocent until found as such.


So we have a bunch of guys "allegedly" wanting to use bombs and knives (possibly guns as well) to launch attacks in three public places in Melbourne city, using the initial event to ambush incoming police and, most probably, paramedics. And other slow moving members of the public. Think of all those phat kuntz on scooters trying to get away while stuffing down the last of their kebab. "Ge owt mah waaaayyyyyy!!!!" choke. cough. gasp.

The raids to arrest the men seem to have something in common with past arrests. They are all condemned as "rough" or "brutal" by the householders. While it's fair enough to say that the police should have just knocked on the door to ask for the men, it's hardly the sort of response that would be considered safe if they were fully intent on killing police and others.

Take for example the Paris shootings at the magazine headquarters. If I had to go pick the shooters up, I wouldn't be knocking on the door asking if I could sit down and have a cup of tea. I would be shooting first, questions later. I be all, like, Rambo II in chit. 'Merika!!!

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Yeah, Society would be a lot safer if we just flood the Streets with Rambo DVDs so every young disenfranchised youth had some of this great viewing lol.

Lets hope our justice system is up to snuff, whether those arrested are innocent or guilty.
Lets hope our justice system is up to snuff, whether those arrested are innocent or guilty.
In my opinion, the only time our justice system would be up to "snuff", is when the immediate family of the guilty get deported back to their country of origin. Yes, drastically undesirable actions against innocent members of society require no less than drastic measures to be prescribed. Anything less and we're simply kidding ourselves and asking (if not encouraging) such undesirable behaviour by a fringe element of our society, to continue plotting for more negative behaviour.

By having our government take the drastic action I'm suggesting above, we would in fact shift the focus back onto the actual (and any potential) perpetrator/s themselves, because now we'd be involving their own family members irrespectively and solely based on being guilty by association.

Trust me, if the above becomes law, every father or mother, brother or sister, would disown you and inform the proper authorities about your deluded beliefs and potential harm to our free society.

That's what I'd call One Team Australia..., and the game set and match (for those losers) begins and ends in our own Aussie homes, for if the game spills out onto the streets, we've already lost half the battle...period!

Again I emphasise, the above is solely my own opinion, for I am a human being first, (without a label), and everything else comes second.
Good post Fadi but so far removed from the current western paradigm of justice as to be impossible to implement. No doubt we will continue to hope that our intelligence is better than their planning until that approach fails.
It's a great job done by LEA here but as was once said (and I paraphrased a bit to make sure it was not misinterpreted)

Today they were unlucky, but remember they only have to be lucky once. we will have to be lucky always

It's an inevitability that we will miss one day and many innocent people will suffer, many more will suffer afterwards from the backlash.
Good post Fadi but so far removed from the current western paradigm of justice as to be impossible to implement. No doubt we will continue to hope that our intelligence is better than their planning until that approach fails.

Justice can only be called justice when it's justice for all, or rather when it's justice that serves the majority. We need to stop (or at least begin to change our way of thinking) when it comes to applying the current western justice method of the so called punishment that fits the crime.

I say name your punishment…any, the harshest of all. How about the taking of a life? I'm aware that capital punishment is not part of the Australian justice system, and even if it was, I'm here to tell it would fail each and every time to serve as a deterrent. You see, we need to fully comprehend a very critical issue here, and that is life itself. When you're dealing with a very unique mentality that views death in the cause of a belief as the ultimate martyrdom,where the offender is willing to take his own life just as long as he takes yours with it, then we need (and we must) realise that we're not dealing with the norm here.

So again I repeat my previous point by saying this: for our justice system to even have a chance of working 100% efficiently, we need to get the immediate family involved in the case. How do we do that? We do it by creating a situation I call The Potential of Loss. What does that mean? It means if you and I have nothing to lose, our behaviour and way of thinking would be more or less in a mode I'd call the laid back mode. Great, how the hell do we shift it from a laid back mode to an extremely worried and concerned mode? We create (amongst the immediate family members) The Potential Of Loss. So now the onus is on each and every member of the family, irrespective whether the potential offender gives a damn about his family being deported or not..., our focus is no more on the culprits but on the people who will do our detective work for us..., the family.

You make that law, and sure you may have the civil libertarians up in arm for a bit, the Muslim leaders up in arm for a bit also, but then it dies down and the law is passed and we have to abide by it. If you think it's undemocratic and that it singles out one community above all other communities in Australia, then admit it by saying yes we are singling you out because it is you (the Muslims) who have these nutcases and it is you the Muslims who can do something about it above and beyond any other community in our society. Call a spade a spade, hell man, I'm doing it right here in black and white for the whole world to see, and I call myself a practicing Muslim!
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I think we should arm all our citizens and give them the right to use combat weapons. That would fix it. Just like in the US. Oh, wait......
Intelligence gathering is the best form of weaponry, both offensive and defensive. And the battle ground begins and ends right at home where these losers take refuge.

No one has to like or agree with my drastic way of thinking and methefology. However productive outcomes is what I'm about and what I am in favour of.

I am in no way (not even for a moment), suggesting that our police force and/or intelligence gathering methods are less than effective or productive. What I am proposing is an add on to so to speak, an add on that our intelligence gathering authorities can very much do with.
I think we all understand you Fadi. I agree that your approach would be effective, I just don't think it will happen here yet.