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August Push Up Challenge.

August Challenge Options.

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Fucked up Kunce
August Challenge - Please vote only if you wish to take part.


Big Mick (BM)
NightFallTech (NFT)
jzpowahz (jz)

The Workouts

1. - Bella, KFG, BM, jz, Tregs, Grippy, bradsky, GROAR, Hannibal, Oznut, CS, Stewstews, Jag, Blurredout, NFT, mideon, Bradders, judgey, taurus
2. - bradsky, jz, Bella, BM, Grippy, Blurredout, Hannibal, Oznut, Jag, Big Mick, GROAR, Tregs, CS, NFT, Stewstews, Bradders, judgey, taurus
3. - bradsky, Bella, BM, jz, Blurredout, Grippy, Hannibal, mideon, Oznut, Stewstews, GROAR, CS, Bradders, Jag, Tregs, NFT, judgey, taurus
4. - Bella, mideon, CS, Blurredout, Grippy, GROAR, NFT, Hannibal, Stewstews, Bradders, Oznut, bradsky, jz
5. - Bella, BM, Hannibal, Blurredout, Oznut, bradsky, Stewstews, NFT, Grippy, Jag, unibum, mideon, GROAR, Bradders, jz
6. - mideon, Bella, jz, Grippy, Blurredout, Hannibal, CS, unibum, Oznut, NFT, BM, Jag, Bradders, GROAR, Stewstews, GUZZLA, bradsky
7. - BM, Stewstews, Tregs, GROAR, Oznut, Hannibal, GUZZLA, mideon, Bradders, Blurredout, NFT, unibum, Jag, jz, bradsky
8. - Oznut, BM, Bella, jz, GROAR, GUZZLA, Grippy, Hannibal, bradsky, unibum, Jag, Stewstews, Bradders, Blurredout, mideon, NFT
9. - Oznut, Grippy, mideon, Blurredout, GUZZLA, Hannibal, Jag, BM, Unibum, Bradders, NFT, Stewstews, bradsky, jz
10. - Grippy, Oznut, Blurredout. mideon, Hannibal, taurus, GUZZLA, BM, unibum, bradsky, Jag, Stewstews, Bradders, NFT, jz
11. - Grippy, Oznut, Hannibal, bradsky, GUZZLA, mideon, NFT, BM, Jag, Stewstews, blurredout, Bradders, jz
12. - Hannibal, GUZZLA, bradsky, Oznut, Grippy, Blurredout, mideon, Jag, Stewstews,
13. - Stewstews, unibum, GUZZLA, Grippy, Oznut, Hannibal, bradsky, mideon, NFT, jz,
14. - unibum, GUZZLA, hannibal, bradsky, Oznut, Stewstews, NFT, jz, mideon,
15. - mideon, jz, GUZZLA, Grippy, bradsky, Hannibal, Oznut, Stewstews,
16. - Oznut, GUZZLA, jz, Grippy, bradsky, NFT, Hannibal, unibum, Stewstews,
17. - Oznut, Hannibal, Grippy, GUZZLA, unibum, NFT, Stewstews, jz
18. - Oznut, Stewstews, Hannibal, Guzzla, jz, bradsky,
19. - Oznut, Hannibal, NFT, bradsky, grippy, unibum, GUZZLA, NFT, jz, Stewstews
20. - unibum, Grippy, hannibal, GUZZLA, Oznut, Stewstews, jz, bradsky
21. - jz, taurus, bradsky, GUZZLA, Oznut, Stewstews, Hannibal, Grippy,
22. - Grippy, Stewstews, taurus, bradsky, hannibal, Oznut, GUZZLA, jz, NFT
23. - Stewstews, Grippy, hannibal, GUZZLA, jz, NFT
24. - Hannibal, bradsky, GUZZLA, taurus, jz. Oznut, Stewstews, NFT
25. - taurus, Oznut, jz, NFT, Grippy, Hannibal, GUZZLA, jz, Stewstews
26. - NFT, Hannibal, Stewstews, GUZZLA, Grippy, jz, Oznut,
27. - GUZZLA, Oznut, bradsky, Hannibal, Stewstews, unibum, taurus, jz, Grippy
28. - bradsky, Hannibal, Grippy, GUZZLA, Stewstews,
29. - Stewstews, GUZZLA, Hannibal, jz,
30. - GUZZLA, Hannibal, Stewstews, jz
31. - Stewstews, taurus, bradsky, Hannibal, jz, GUZZLA
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Small Fry
Push ups in the early lead.

I like as
A) Don't need any equipment - everyone can do from home.
B) Upper body - last one was legs
C) Simple


New member
I wanted to vote for squats but I couldn't make it to the gym everyday and im sure I couldn't handle them right now so I voted for 50-100 pushups but make it 100 push ups


Fucked up Kunce
Maybe next month.

Grrr on the push ups winning. My chest does not need extra work. :(


Fat Member
Pushups I think for the win, can be done anywhere.
Squats would fry ya pretty quick I think.
I have been through phases of chins or pulls everyday, random sets of 5 - 10 just to keep active at work, while they are great, elbows take a beating, or maybe just due to me being heavy.
1 fairly long shift on Sunday I think I cranked out 100 over the day by doing the odd set here and there in the bus between runs.