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CCM Quest 2013

EOM Update 01/12/2013

EOM Update 01/12/2013

Quick update on progress.

I think I need to up my kcals again this week WOOOHOOO !!!!!!!

Spent a couple of months getting back up to "normal levels" and have kept weight steady. In fact, I seem to have lost a bit lately so time to rev up again cos this ain't no cut :p

Morning weight: 46.6kg

Comparison with start of year:


Still have my 1RM to go for deadlifts on Monday night (in lieu of Thursday last week).
Hopefully have not lost momentum. Have not really trained since Monday night ... just foam rolling, physio, massage and stretching.
Back feels heaps better and I cannot feel anything untoward in my QL
So should be good for Monday.

LOL doing physio and rehab during your 1RMs ... *face palm*

Will update training plans when I figure that out this week.

Almost at the end. Weight not up much but it's up.
Strength is UP quite a bit so that is a good sign.

All on track, particularly given setbacks etc.

Hello summer is here at last, right on cue.


PS I sound chirpier than I feel tbh but hey
PB Update 02/12/2013

Happy with two PBs in the past week to end off the year.

Bench: 46kg x 1 @ 47kg on 25/11/2013


Deadlift: 115kg x 1 @ 46.3kg on 02/11/2013

No squat PBs this year due to the extreme lack of squatting :(

Squats go back into the program from next week!

Just missed my 120kg deadlift tonight ... got it up easily just past knees but could not finish lockout. That's my weak point (glute activation!). Was so close LOL

My short term goals for lifts:

1. Get used to squatting again and build them up slowly. Have to conquer my fear of weight now. Always happens when I don't squat for ages :(

2. Work on bench set up to work through that sticking point. Or possibly shorten my arms LOL

3. Work on glutes and finishing off lockout for deadlifts. That's my sticking point and where I fail, if I do.

Now have to work out next set of goals for 2014.

Very happy with this result, given it's been the worst 4 months ever and I thought I had to abandon my 1RMs for November this year.

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Noones laughing. They're shaking in their gym boots!
This little chicky is getting way to strong :p
only a week to go before a stocktake on progress.

Not really sure how things stand given the past six months have been stop/start in nature.

Awesome strength gains but not much of anything else so either I'm the most efficient little machine ever or I've missed something :confused:

No training since last Friday and it's been a meh week all up over Xmas for me.

But all that's OK as I'm now looking forward to my January DEXA.
Whatever the outcome of that, it will help me set new goals and reset everything to full steam ahead for next year.

PS no sign of my belt yet but don't need it yet. Apparently it's on the way ... love snail shipping from the US :(
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Final Update 01/01/2014

Last update 01 Jan 2014

Progress Summary:

It's been my worst year ever in my life but there are some positives - and to be honest, thank the gods for training and keeping a focus on my fitness and body comp goals. They were a constant during what has been a crap year all round in work and life.

I will never allow anyone to knock my training as it's kept me sane during some scary insane shit this year.

First 6 months made some amazing progress.
Managed to gain over a kg of lean mass and lose over 0.5kg of fat (a side bonus). Don't expect that to happen again!
Also managed to up my kcals to over 1800 per day average while doing that and was on track to hit 2000kcals, with high carbs every day.

Second six months were somewhat derailed, although to my credit I kept training and tracking through some obviously bad times :(. Losing my father was the hardest thing and it has taken me ages to regroup on eating enough although I got back to training hard.

Downside of Aug-Dec: struggling to get back to kcal daily levels although I have done so just in the last week so yay me. This despite my worse Xmas ever. It's onward and upward from here. Come at me foodz.
Body comp results have stalled I think and it makes sense. But that is OK. Start over from wherever I am at with my DEXA this month :)

Upside: Despite all the crap, I've added 5kg to my bench (despite my short but lanky stature) and 15kg to my deadlift and all the signs are I can add another 5-10kg to my deadlift very soon. Yay deadlifts!
Also, I have started squatting again and am getting WAY below parallel these days. Still on baby weights but coach is making me focus on form, technique and conquering my fear of being all the way down there with a weight on my back. I wouldn't have it any other way. No rush, want to get this right. Just happy to be squatting and not feeling like a total dufus.

I can squat!

But I would rather just deadlift every day ... hmmm...maybe I will :D

So good strength gains but no real sign of body comp gainz ... maybe I'm a Carnot Engine .... :rolleyes:


So at the start of the year I had set (as per OP)

Goals 2013

1. Gain more LBM (slow and steady, as lean a gain as is sensible)
  • All over obviously but with a focus on my (skinny) fat legs and non existent shoulders
  • Get to 18% BF by end of year (to maintain thereafter maybe)
  • Keep working on that samba toosh. Not sure why, but hell, why not? :D

  • Gained over 1kg LBM to June 13 and lost over 0.5kg BF.
  • I've gained 2cm on thighs and on my back and a bit on my arms too. Hopefully not fatty boombada :)
  • Got down to 19.7% BF by June 13. Next checkpoing in early-mid Jan DEXA.
  • Samba toosh is a work still in progress but progress has been made. Glutes much stronger but glute med strength will be a focus for 2014 as it's clearly my weak link there.

2. Improve strength and set my own PBs at my own pace

  • 3 figure DL PBs ... want my 100kg in January and then see after that
  • BW bench (I hate bench but my trainer wants to aim for that...meh, ok )
  • Got 115kg EASY in Dec 13 (@ 46.5kg BW) and on track to break 120kg in early 2014. God, I love deadlifts.
  • I also had set a 45kg bench PB as a goal. I got 46kg @ 47kg BW close enough to BW for me... bench is hard for orangutans ;)

  • stay injury free and start squatting again and just see how I go with that
  • no new injuries this year, lol and squatting has begun in earnest. I now squat way below parallel for the first time ever. Happily working on technique and conquering my fear of collapse :D

  • fix remaining biomechanical issue with left shoulder so I can press again
  • Scapula has gained strength this year but remains an issue. Might never really be able to fix it 100% unfortunately. But KBs still seem to be my best way to improve it. Overhead pressing with dbs or bb don't seem to help much but am still including them.
3. Regain and maintain cardio fitness (also helps with asthma)

  • LOL I think I've lost it but I seem to have maintained my cardio fitness rather well despite the extreme lack of cardio this year. I miss cardio stuff though ...
4. Impove KB skills - no comp ambitions but like to train for them.

  • Competed in April 2013 for biathlon @10kg with a great result. Great for a first comp (most people don't finish apparently lol).
  • Massive improvement in snatch technique and jerks this year, especially in last two months. Left side still weaker but that's everyone's issue so no big.
I am also now the proud owner of lifting shoes and a belt ... wtf????? :D:eek:
Not sure when I'll start using the belt. Haven't needed one yet.
Strong core is strong

Stats as of 01/01/2013
Weight: 45.2kg
BF%: ~ 21% based on 18 Aug 12 DEXA scan


Body comp results (nb: a bit dehydrated this morning at weigh in so I'm guessing I'm probably really around 46.7kg, given weekly averages over recent weeks).
In reality, I've gained about 1.5kg in the past year
SLOWEST BULK IN HISTORY. I take after my father ... I'd have to eat my BW in food to gain weight, even when not training :( lolz

Signing off now.

Will start a new thread soon with new goals for 2014
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