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New member
...if you compete in a "real" federation.

When I first read about the recent failed drug test with Shayna Jack, I thought, well, there goes another athlete down the tubes from inadvertent drug use.

Then, as I read on, she mentioned that it was possibly a result from a tainted supplement, and therefore not her fault.

That bit suddenly turned the story from a sympathy piece to a "guilty as hell" piece.

For a number of years now ASADA and WADA have advised athletes competing in drug tested events to avoid ALL supplements.


ASADA’s long standing advice is that no supplement is safe to use and athletes should not risk their careers by taking a supplement. This is because many supplements are contaminated with substances prohibited in sport, which may not be listed on ingredient labels.

That advice, of course, was about as welcome in the general gym community as a dog turd in your front yard. Your average gym bro (of either of the only two genders) is convinced that no "gainz" is possible without chugging protein shakes, "mass" gainers (expensive sugar) and a bewildering array of pre workouts, post workouts, vitamins, minerals and intra workouts.

The multi billion dollar supplement industry is, of course, anti-regulation and very active in brainwashing anyone interested in physical fitness or sport.

Before someone loses their panties, yes there are times where supplements are helpful such as mineral supplements for very active athletes. But those exceptions are few and totally unnecessary for your average treadmill warrior. For example, gatorade, or similar salt replenishment drinks, are fine if you are doing a marathon in Florida, Zimbabwe or Cairns. But totally counter-productive for some fat chick on a treadmill.

In fact, ASADA and WADA recognize that some supplements are advantageous to "real" athletes and therefore provide a supplement check service, although you can still be banned if one of those "approved" supplements are tainted.

So, how do supplements get "tainted"? Considering that there are some good supps companies and a few that are complete scams (Hello there No Bull supps!!), there are many instances where OTC supplements have been laced with steroids or other banned drugs in order to give their product an edge. While there may be contamination from suppliers who have low or no legal checks on product quality (i.e. China), the fact that the banned chemicals seem to be always dianabol or other "steroidal" chemicals, you are justified in being skeptical when a company is caught and blames the supplier. (Again, hello No Bull).

For an athlete who competes in a drug tested sport on an international/olympic level, taking a product against ASADA/WADA advice/direction is reckless at the least, unprofessional and suspicious.

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Effective female dose of ligandrol is 2mg daily
Ligandrol is a schedule 4 drug in Australia and costs $30/g looking at online suppliers through alibaba

10x the cost of anavar for exactly the same risk

This lady was taking ligandrol completely under her or her coaches knowledge, 100%