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no offence intended, i thought it was an awesome troll :D

wait a second.... Joseph too? :D
Awww Naughty <3

Are you going to try this anabolic diet? lol

Imma gonna give this chicken + beef a go, every meal :p
I wonder what would happen if someone ate some bacon explosion

Taken from another forum:
The closest 'natural' recommendation I've seen is eating 12-36 eggs a day, with lots of dessicated liver.

The eggs provide cholesterol (in the yolks) and Vitamin A; the liver provides cytochrome p-450.

Cholesterol is the base molecule that gets manufactured into testosterone. One of the enzymes responsible for that process has been associated with higher retinoic acid levels, which is produced from Vitamin A. Cytochrome P-450 is also involved in the cholesterol -> testosterone process.

That's about as close as I think you'll get from natural foods that actually focus on the biochemical pathways that produce testosterone.
His not retarded, his got big arms (18inches unpumped) and chest and still has a eight pack. He also works as a trainer. What are your results/qualifications to make you be able to question him? Hmmm?

Lol he went down this road..

Got any pics of said trainer?