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Yeah... i like forums because you can ask stupid/noob questions and get a bunch of responses and learn from it.

Im seeing a coach from valhalla.... pretty decent. Most personal trainers in chain gyms (like goodlife) dont have a clue.... i was seeing this one pt for a couple months every week focused on improving my bench press.... he never told me how to improve my form... i ended up getting shoulder impingement (because my elbows were out) and couldnt do any bench press for a couple months without pain.

Pays to find a good coach... valhalla definitely the way to go.

Enuff of a plug?
........ I worked it out, I wrote the program.

There are special considerations, that aren't mentioned lol.

This person trains at home, has limited equipment, a sore back, and limited mobility/flexibility.

Once those issues are addressed, things like Good Mornings, Romainians, Front squats etc can be added, but definitely not yet.
Imagine buying coaching from someone then asking questions about it anonymously online and having them answered by your coach
I’m all for people asking questions, it’s how you learn!

But it I could have answered it easier and faster directly haha.

The bench day is a normal day training.
The squat day is short due to limited equipment in the home gym, and the doctor cutting hamstring work with a barbell out (which I don’t agree with, but can’t instruct otherwise).

As a substitute we tried banded hamstring curls, but couldn’t do them.

So so now we have to wait for the all clear before adding anything to it.
My squat day goes for 45min... my bench press workout is 1.5 hrs.

Should i be bulking up my squat day? Currently 3 exercises... squat, paused squat and lunges.

Or am i hitting my chest too hard... bench press, close grip, db bench, flys, then reverse flys, bicep curl and skullcrushers....

How many times should i be performing the 3 lifts per week? I am currently doing bench press twice a week, squats once... and deadlifts nil due to lower back pain.

My 1rm bench press is 120kg, not sure on squats because ive never tried 1rm... i did 5 reps at 110kg squat a couple months ago, i havent been deadlifting for last month due to lower back pain... sports doctor has me doing pilates to work on core strength and flexibility.

How depressing is this?


The great man saying pilates is shit... when ive been told to do them by my sports doctor and physio
Walk away from people with that sort of attitude, rippetoe has written some interesting stuff, he has introduced basic training to many people and done it very well but my advice is I've always told others who have asked me is that the real KEY to training is "making it yours...and integrating it into your life"... lots of “key” I know but cherry pick something that works for you.

over the years I’ve picked many exercises that work so naturally I’ve stopped using them, funny thing that.
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You can't be upset with someone who owns a business and promotes it heavily on their own forum when they tell you that doing anything other than what they do is a shit idea.

Since it's been a good week for baseless assertions I'll add one here too.

Most regular GP's and alleged experts have no fucking idea how to fix anything remotely out of the ordinary and concentrate more on not making things worse with their lack of knowledge (Hippocratic oath really needs to be updated to reflect protecting the insurance premiums and not upsetting the pimp who owns the consulting room) so either find a proper expert in the field and take your advice from one source with recognisable results or experiment yourself until you find something that helps you.

Or tweak the data until the conclusion supports your hypothesis, hey, it works for road safety initiatives, climate science and nutritional guidelines
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Go join barbell medicine and ask them about your back, Feigenbaum and Baraki are probably two of the most sensible people ever to come out of Starting Strength, yes they also have a product to sell but aren't pushy about it and I haven't read much of their stuff I didn't find balanced and reasonable.