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Fucked up Kunce
Imperfection is just perfect: Fitness queen - Daily Telegraph

Fitness app guru embraces more ‘less perfect’ female images on social media

AUSTRALIA’S most powerful fitness influencer Kayla Itsines says she wants to “fix” the medium that made her famous so women realise there’s more to life than photoshopped selfies and “pretending to be perfect” online.
The 26-year-old fitness guru, who has built a $46 million empire on social media, blasted “unrealistic expectations” created by photoshopped images and said she wants to promote the idea fitness comes in different “shapes and sizes



Well-known member
Fitness guru who made millions posting selfies wants to make more money by encouraging phat chicks to follow her. Great marketing hype.

How the hell does a journalist track down someone who is quietly helping the less fortunate? I guess its likely that our "fitness guru" is running a PR program to make more money so sent the journo a pre written article or fact sheet. That's how most "news" is created, especially anything to do with celebrities. Its all run by PR companies.

Kyle Aaron

Active member
How the hell does a journalist track down someone who is quietly helping the less fortunate?
That would require the journalist to get up from their desk and go outside and actually investigate things and ask people questions. Journalists don't do that much nowadays.