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Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
[h=3]Local gets set to take on the insurmountable Mt Midoriyama[/h]THE OBSTACLE course as part of the new hit television show, Australia Ninja Warrior won’t be too much of a challenge for local resident, Emma O’Keeffe when she takes on the course, after having been selected as a contestant out of 80,000 who auditioned to be part of season two.
With filming set to begin in eight weeks, Emma will attempt to conquer all obstacles, take on ‘The Wall’ and become the first Australian to climb insurmountable Mt Midoriyama and be crowned Australia’s first Ninja Warrior.
It was after watching the first season that aired this year that drove Emma to apply for the second season, and three weeks ago she was called to Melbourne to carry out a physical test and interview, and a week ago, she received notification that she had been successful and was selected to appear on the show.
Emma said, “I think it was the fact that I stood out when carrying out the physical test. There were five stages as part of the test and each went for five minutes. Half way through, we were given the option to step it up a notch and I decided to do that.
“The first stage was to plank without moving, and half way through I did it with one arm and one leg out. The second stage was to do a pull up and push up continuously for five minutes and when it was time to ramp it up, I did one arm push ups. Then we had to do a dead hang for five minutes and at the half way mark I decided to hang off one arm. I was actually the female who held it for the longest time across the country. Then we had to do five sprints and five burpees continuously for five minutes and then we took on an obstacle that was similar to the first one you come across on the show that tests your jumping ability.
“I really enjoyed the first season and knew that I had a lot of upper body strength and had a chance because of what I do with my sport aerobics.


“This week I will be going to Melbourne to train at a gym that has all the obstacles from the show to help train before recording starts in December.
“I think the biggest challenge I will face will be the distance jumping because I am short. A lot of contestants from the first season struggled with jumps because they were short, but I am fast so hopefully that will compensate for my height.
“I think I will excel in the ropes and anything that requires speed.
“I can’t wait. I’m going to give it a good crack. I am hoping to become the first Australian to make it the whole way. I don’t go into anything to come second.”