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Now there’s maggots in Macca’s chicken nuggets - 9news.com.au

What an absolute load of rubbish, how would a life maggot be on a chicken nugget that has been through the deep fryer??

And cooked nuggets have no interaction with any uncooked foods or are even touched by human hands.

Then she is asking for a gift card...seriously if I owned that restaurant I would be taking legal action against her and that stupid news story that is clearly made up.
There's been loads of reports of maggots in cooked chicken (particularly the roast chooks you get in a bag from Woolies) and fast food over the years. I don't really get how as they can't survive the cooking temp and take a day to hatch if the eggs were laid once cooked but it does happen
it does happen

Does it though??

These nuggets have been through the deep fryer at 200 degrees, pretty certain there could not be any moving maggots on the nuggets in the Macca box you take home, I could conceded that there may be dead freshly deep fried ones, may be, as I am pretty certain the nuggets are frozen at below -40 degrees Celsius before being thrown on the deep fryer at 200 degrees C.

So would be interesting to know where they actually came from.
Do you want maggots with that?

yes, the blowey blew its maggots into the chicken nugget somewhere between the fryer and the box.
@big stick good stuff kunt for swingin and swingin but Maccas do reheat a lot of chit don't they. It's an epedimick isn't it!!!
I'm with mickey on this one. From freezer straight to fryer can see where an egg gets laid or has time to hatch. Calling bullshit!! Looks like someone just wanted free macas for a year.
Do you want maggots with that?

yes, the blowey blew its maggots into the chicken nugget somewhere between the fryer and the box.

Unlikely, how many blow flies are around this time of year?? Eggs take 24-48hrs to hatch, pretty sure that's why Maccas brushed her, they know she does not have a leg to stand on.