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That study seems super shit stain for the following reasons -

They tested only 7 blokes.
They exclusively gave them milk from pregnant cows

Do all cows fall pregnant at the same time, because if they don't milk from commercial dairies would be diluted by the untainted milk of cows that are lactating but not pregnant.

One would assume a lactating cow produces much more milk then a pregnant cow so the ratio of tainted to 'normal' milk would be significant.
The estrogen. I can't be bothered searching for it again but I did find one article showing that a serve of milk had less estrogen than many common fruits and vegetables.

Like brick said the study is a piece of shit with 7 people blokes. Hardly a definitive study.

The ideal cow calves and comes into the herd. They get pregnant by day 85 and milk through to day 305. Dryed off and calve 60 days later and that gives you a 365 day cycle.

This bloke makes it sound like before farming cows never got pregnant while they gave milk. They did.

He says the alternative medicine community has questions about milk. Ok why ask alternative medicine people, how about ask a proper doctor or scientist. Do we ask an alternative mechanic to fix your car, do we get an alternative dentist to pull a tooth.

He says milk is not what it once was? Explain how selective breeding effects anything, its done because people want cheaper milk.

Milk is processed different today. Yes it's pasteurized so people are not dying from food poisoning, what a backward step that is.

Drugs to increase production. Well some parts of America are allowed to use bst (cow growth hormone) it increases production. Never been allowed here or in most parts of the world and is being phased out anyway. Other drugs we have strict milk withholds where the milk cannot be sold if they are used, milk gets tested every day, if you get caught you are in the shit.

Then he goes onto throw out a heap of unproven alternative medicine negatives against milk and then promote organic milk. Lol. Not even going to start on that.
The writer refers to himself as a physician but read on and turns out to be a naturopath.
I have been drinking plenty of milk - now 28 yrs of age - I drink it with almost every protein shake. 6 months ago I got my T levels tested, the doc said "If your test was any higher, we'd need to check for tumors".

I am but one man, an anecdote is an incredibly weak form of evidence, but so is that study (so just doing it due justice)
The writer refers to himself as a physician but read on and turns out to be a naturopath.

Gathered that it was going to something like that. Alternative med people are always against modern farming.

Just like this article a whole heap of attacks on modern farming methods but no evidence or proper reason why they should be a problem.
The funny thing is he blaming breeding for high production cows for hormones in milk.

The issue that has come about by breeding for high production is the cows now put too much energy into milk production and not enough into producing the right amounts of hormones to get pregnant.

So the cows have lower levels of the hormones needed for fertility and are much tougher to get pregnant these days.

So his argument about breeding for high production being bad could likely have even lowered the levels of hormones in todays cows milk.
I been bulking on the goat diet lately (galon if milk a day) but I replaced it with soy coz its got less estradiol. Getting goid results.
Milk is processed different today. Yes it's pasteurized so people are not dying

having not read the article, he's probably referring to homogenisation?

I've never been a big dairy consumer (never liked straight milk or butter) but having switched the family to non-homogenised milk i can tolerate it better - the lack of gas is a good or bad thing depending on who you ask in the house
Homogenized means "mixed better"
Ie, no cream stuck to the foil bottle cap

no it means the fat particles are blasted to make them smaller so the milk has a longer shelf life - it's profit driven and some believe potentially healthy

milk is supposed to be creamy, not flavored water?