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I think that is such bullshit the ring has to be this much money just my opinion though......

In saying that, I proposed to Jen with a $200 dolllar ring, I was still a poor student and travelling from NZ to australia every Uni holidays.. Once I had a job we brought a 'new' one,

but the though of spending 25k on a ring mystifies me, why spend that much on a freaking ring? that's a deposit for a house? a new car?

lol I agree. But they had been together for 8 years. My brother is an international merchant banker & earns ridiculous money & they already had the beautiful home & cars :cool:

$25,000 wasn't 3 months worth of wages for him either lol BUT...it all comes down to what you have & what you want? And circumstance I guess?

If you were earning $250,000 a year & already had established a home & contents & cars, life is different?

If you're a student or struggling building your life, then the options are different. Most women have an idea of what they would like. And that can range from the hundreds to the thousands I guess. But my sister-in-law still says she wouldn't have cared if she never got a ring.

I remind her thats easy to say as she admires the $30,000 worth of bling on her finger lol

The really wonderful part is the proposal, if you love each other & choose to share your life together, nothing else really matters.

The 3 months wages thing is just a general guide. Diamond rings are expensive. But you can always find a good deal, if you use your noggin lol


My wedding set was $10000 roughly in total. The diamond in my engagement ring is quite big but we bought it from Vivians jewellers when they had a huge sale. Paid $2500 and came with a valuation of $3899.
My eternity ring was created by Hennings Jewellers as my wedding ring and engagement weren't a set, bought separately.
I have an additional wedding band because I can't wear rings with stones when working with fresh food. That only cost $400.
I also have my great grandmothers English filigree diamond engagement ring that my great grandfather paid for when he finished with the army after WW1. So little gold used back in those days.


New member
I avoided the chain jewelry stores and found a nice ring in China town lol.

Im getting married next May and the mo in law has these expectations.... She wants her friends there which i said no. Now the latest is... A dowry. A red envelope with currency featuring both 9 an 8 n something sweet and then there is A tea ceremony which takes place after the reception. I am planning on getting drunk and the last thing i want to do it wake up early for a tea ceremony. Its a Chinese thing. I don't really want to do it. Since we are doing the whole her side of the family tradition but mine.. I think its unfair :(

Should i suck it up and do the damn thing and give the mo in law a big surprise of her life by giving her thousands...?

Do both family traditions.
If I had to do a chinese ceremony I'd want a piper (wedding and reception).

Do the tea ceremony if nothing else.Its the biggest chinese wedding tradition. The bride and groom just hand it out (using the correct grip and hands) , its poured by the best man and maid/s of honour.

Dowry in this day and age ?
Surprise them and get a some cows and sheep delivered to her parents place ? 8 of each. 8 and 88 are the lucky numbers. Absolutely avoid anything with a 4 in it as the character for 4 has the same sound as death.

Avoid green (cuckold colour).

Make sure your servered a full duck or lobster and you split it .
Not pre split or small portions.

Make sure to get the right flowers for the wedding - orange blossom, lotus blossom ,orchids, peony and lucky bamboo.
Avoid references to little bamboo flute

For extra big bonus points get a lion dance.


New member
A friend managed to lose her wedding ring while snorkeling.
A couple of grands worth.

Other friends had wedding tattoos done.


Yep, at my brothers wedding we all gave them cash in red envelopes. Bastards are rich anyway, but they made a bloody killing at the wedding lol

P.S. Tattooed wedding bands are totally bogan, just sayin :D


Wifes name tattooed on chest checking in.

Just remember kids if you got no regrets you haven't done enough living.

Awwww so it's close to your heart Fluff? Thats totally cute! :p

But I'm curious, did your wife get your name tattooed on her body?

Wedding bands as tatts on fingers is bogan. Pammy Anderson/Tommy Lee style.......it aint good :cool: lol


New member
But I'm curious, did your wife get your name tattooed on her body?

Negative and for the guys that are curious I thought it would act as whore repellant but oddly it seems been branded with someones name makes you more attractive to women. Fucking weird.


lol It doesn't surprise me. Sif you want to repel whores anyway? You're married, not dead lol

As my brother always says, its nice to know you still got it sometimes :D


New member
yep all backgrounds.

Sookie what background ?

Cantonese, Northern, Sichuan , Shanghai ?

Shanghai girls are the most dominant.

Chinese migrated to Malaysia. I have no idea what part of China.
Are you Chinese lex? You seem to know alot about Chinese culture.

Big Mick

"2014 - Kunce of the year"
Bit off topic but still relvant I believe:

Before I got married, the old fella I worked with at the time said to me, "get yourself a large money jar, and put a dollar in it every time you have sex before you get married. Then once you are married every time you have sex take out two dollars, apparently the jar will never run out out of $$ coins guaranteed. :p"

True story!!

Now after having been married for close to 20 years, I think the old bloke was right:eek:

Big Mick

"2014 - Kunce of the year"
While we are on a roll....

What food dramatically reduces a women's sex drive???

Wedding Cake:p