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Ah mate i'm getting all horny just thinking about this. Look she needs it hard and rough mate, you gotta give it to her like you know she wants it. That dodgy hip is a turn on right there, maybe she limps cause she's been fucked in the ass so hard that her ass is hurting like all hell, how much of a turn on is that!! FUCK YES!! Being able to fuck a chicks ass until she literally has to limp around everywhere she walks, thats success on the mans part knowing he's done a good job of really messing his misses ass right up! Go for it mate, you only live once:cool:

You wanna mess that pretty little face up too, give her what she wants and thats a nice big facial all over her face, thats exactly what she wants you to do, no two ways about it, just do it!

We've found our latest speaker of truth n wisdom. Thx for the tips mate!


Manky Pommie Kunce
Talking about that dodgy hip girl reminds me of something my mate did years ago. When we were out a friend of mine pulled a bird who was alright and she mentions she has a sister at home who was game for fun. One of the boys decides he is game to the bird and my two mates head off back to hers. When they get there she takes my mate to then sisters bedroom where she is in bed watching telly. Good looking girl is some nice undies and stockings and my mate is like game on. He has a good night with her and in the morning she asks if he wants a drink. When she finally gets out of bed and goes to walk to the kitchen he realises she is pretty disabled, legs and hips are clearly malformed. As she hobbles off to the kitchen he gets dressed grabs his coldnhalf eaten Kebab from the nigh before and does a runner. The impression he does of her walking off is one of the funniest things I have seen.


New member

Cum Shot

Bukkake Kunce
Nothing better than playing around with a good looking womens arse, just getting all up inside her ass, get your fingers and hands in there, maybe even your whole arm if you can fit it in all the way to the shoulder. Go further and stick your entire head up inside a womens ass, yummeeeee!!!:cool:


Kunce in training
Ewwwww. [MENTION=12407]Undercover[/MENTION]; will be into that.
Vintage vagina is the best.

Post menopausal is the even better.

Nothing like dumping a huge steamy load of jizz and just staying inside, incubating.

Give me turkey neck and saggy loose arse over young pink bloody stinky pussy any day.

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Kunce in training
A mate of mine was telling me about this Woman that he is working on doing. When I saw her she looks over Sixty and with a dodgey Hip, so I started laughing me Gutz out.
For the past two days she's been flirting with me. She has this pretty Face, sweet/sexy quality, dodgey Hip and all, like some old Beauty Queen. Now I'm considering giving her a pounding myself, but I think I'd break her dodgey Hip.

Never found myself in this position - sexually attracted to some old Bish.

She'd be a dry Root right @Undercover ????

She'd be trouble (a Cougar) right @Grunta ????

She'd know a few tricks though @Cum Shot ????
Mate, the plus 50's still have excellent irrigation downstairs. Never come across a baron dried up vintage vagina out of the 4 seniors I have incubated in.

I hope you blew out her cervical compartment.

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