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These are just proposals at this stage, but is seems that Wilks has set the cat among the pigeons:

One proposal is to, in a true Trumpian anti-Obama move, to get rid of the Wilks co-efficient system and replace it with a new (although, probably pretty similar) IPF co-efficient. So, same result but getting rid of Wilk's name.

Personally, I think the formula is well in need of an upgrade or tweak. It was based on equipped lifters from results now obsolete (due to weight class changes).

Another is to get rid of the stupid underwear rule, which Wilks has done with World Powerlifting.

Also, a proposal to stop people from putting their feet up on the bench during their setup for bench press to cut down on the extreme arching, almost always among lifters under 80kg and almost always younger more flexible lifters. Seems that with an extreme arch the butt might not even be touching as they are arching from shoulders to upper hamstrings.

Some lifters "cheat" by using knee sleeves that are two sizes too small. I think there has recently been a rule, or guideline at the least, to stop people using plastic bags to get their sleeves on. Anyway, proposal is to have the lifter pull up their sleeves from their shins/calves as they are about to enter the stage so the controller can see that they are not undersized or too tight. If they are too tight, they give a slight advantage over loose sleeves, nudging them towards knee wraps, which can add a lot in performance.

Switch the World Games lifting away from dinosaur equipped lifting to real world raw lifting.

Lots of other stuff too, but as stated above, they are just proposals at this stage.
No trunks allowed. Jockey style only. Thats for men and women. Stupid.

I am assuming that someone at some time used some sort of shorts like the ones used by geared lifters. They are essentially a lifting suit but just the bit thats from the waist down to the end of the legs. So to avoid that, they brought in that stupid rule that underwear could not have any additional support or legs.

Along that line, someone (Titan I think) made a lifting singlet that was reinforced, so a poor man's reinforced lifting suit. That was banned from raw lifting.
How did they check your underwear, does the lifter have to drop his dacks backstage?
what about going commando, can they do this?
I guess spanks are out of the question.
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How did they check your underwear, does the lifter have to drop his dacks backstage?
what about going commando, can they do this?
I guess spanks are out of the question.

During weigh in you have to get on the scale wearing underwear and socks. More than one newbie has been sent packing to the nearest Walmart/Woolies for legal panties.

No commando allowed. Well, not until the after party.

And yes, no spanks. Again, at least not until the after party.
Good luck stopping the epic arch by not allowed feet on the bench. The kids will just find another way haha. Just police it better, if they think an arch is causing the butt to lift....red lights. If someone has an UBER flexible spine to allow giant arch, good on them i say. Genetics. No different to guys with arms that hang to thier knees for deadlifts or nice and short femurs for squats. Those guys are also using fuckall ROM (because thats what this is really about).

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It's like the Tour de France with Lance Armstrong. They were all doping so it all evens out. If all lightweight junior lifters are arching like a Matrix movie extra, so be it. That makes it an even playing field.