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New member
Trying to grow quads with squats and leg extensions. Squat routine is going great but leg extensions suck. I’m currently doing 8 working sets of 9 reps at 40 Kg for leg extensions but seem to have plateaued. Should I go heavier for less sets and reps or back off weight and up reps and sets?
I normally do:
4 sets of squats
4 sets of leg press
4 sets of extensions
4 sets of hami curls
Thanks. A reply that I can understand at last

I Aim for these reps and adjust weight to get:

1st set 10 reps
2nd set 8 reps
3rd set 6 reps
4th set 4 reps

I don’t fuk about with 20 reps or more, just get sore for nothing.
If you perform the set correctly you’ll only need one.

Too many treat machines like a barbell exercise.