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  1. C

    Sets and Reps for Leg Extensions

    Trying to grow quads with squats and leg extensions. Squat routine is going great but leg extensions suck. I’m currently doing 8 working sets of 9 reps at 40 Kg for leg extensions but seem to have plateaued. Should I go heavier for less sets and reps or back off weight and up reps and sets?
  2. ironduke

    Roman Fritz

  3. J

    Road bicycles

    Does anyone know of an oldschool road bike forum ?
  4. A

    What tolls did injuries take on you (physical and psychological) and how did you reco

    What tolls did injuries take on you (physical and psychological) and how did you recover?
  5. L


    Seems my quads are shrinking, I thought they were OK but guess it was half fat.. I want to add something for quads, but don't want to hit glutes too much I already have a deadlift butt that my Mrs is jealous of.. So far I have two different leg days. Leg day 1 is Squat + Romanian DL + Calves...
  6. Goosey

    Pre-fatigue discussion

    We know what it is. when we do multi joint movements the smaller muscle fatigue before there is any real inroad to fatigue of the larger muscleture in the exercise, hence doing multiple sets. as an example; (primary larger muscle) the press; (triceps) pre fatigue the delt's with a lateral...
  7. Shrek

    "Erik "The House" Fankhouser: My Journey Back"

  8. Y

    Gym noob help needed!

    Soo im 15 years old and im turning 16 next year in june. I've previously played sports but due to having a fair few fights with the people who'd tackle me i was banned. I've become really lazy. I have previously been become really motivated about weight lifting by Zyzz, Gregg Plitt etc. I also...
  9. White_Lie

    Review - Inov-8 Fastlift 335

    So I got these shoes recently and thought I'd share my opinion. Unboxing - initial thoughts were that they look tiny. Admittedly I am only a size 9US (so these are an 8UK) but they looked smaller than all my other shoes and I thought they wouldn't fit but they're spot on. Build quality looks...
  10. A

    Can you touch your toes?

    Okay, time for a little fun...step away from the computer! This is a 3-second trial at most... For those of you that can already bend and touch your toes whilst standing, try this variation and post up how you get on. Stand, legs together. Contract/Engage quad muscles. (maintain the...
  11. I

    Fresh Gym Gear Now In!

    Hey guys, some fresh gear just landed! Check it out below, some iron-family favourites are now restocked with some fresh touches to the fabrics and detailing. Hulk Fleece Hoodie - roomy fit for bigger blokes! Embroidered chest and arm with diamond embossed metal zipper. Iron Muscle Tank -...
  12. Goosey

    The appearance of strength

    Every now and again we see some skinny dude lift considerable weight. Dr Squat nicknamed didley asked to be tested on an experimental (at the time) leg machine to test the static strength of the quads at certain angles to measure force. at the time he held the record for the squat near 500kg...
  13. A

    Bodybuilder With Prosthetic Legs Looks Unbelievably Aesthetic. Check Out His Quads!

    This is really awesome, this just shows that the only disability in life is a bad attitude. Loads of respect. From what I can see on his Facebook and Instagram profile he is a really cool guy and helps to inspire and motivate people. Not only that but he looks unbelievably aesthetic. Check out...
  14. spartacus

    Powerlifter tears quads off bone with 280kg squat

  15. Goosey

    The leg extension

    Some say it's a knee wrecker. Some say don't fully contract the knee because it will fuck your knees up. i jumped onto my leg extension yesterday, to do my 12 rep's and noted that someone was using the whole stack. (id done a set on the leg press jumped on the hammer for twenty reps, then the...
  16. H

    Front Squats/Back Squats

    So I came across this squat program the other day, messed me up more than I was expecting. You take 65% of your 1RM Front Squat and do 7 Front Squats and 13 Back Squats with no rest between other than to rack bar on your back x 4 sets. Give it a go and let me know what you think, maybe I'm just...
  17. 0ni

    Good morning squat = weak quads

    http://gregnuckols.com/2014/01/02/fixing-the-good-morning-squat/ Fantastic article. Lots of people think it's a weak posterior chain for some reason but as I keep insisting, ALL QUADS
  18. Shrek

    Mamdouh "Big Ramy" Elsbiay

  19. S

    Building my Quads and Hamstrings after ACL re construction

    Hi all It has been 8 months since I had a right knee operation which included an ACL reconstruction using my hamstring as the graft. I now have 100% motion in the knee as of now although it is stiff when the leg is straight. I have been completing a physio plan which involved movement and...
  20. chocchillimango


    Hey everyone, I'd love to get your input on what you think the best exercise is for targeting quad development. Now, before you all yell "SQUAT!", let's assume that you've gone and injured yourself a bit and you're not allowed/can't squat to parallel for a while. So it's partial squats or...