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New member
Well as the title suggests, show us your dog/dogs...

I love dogs so I figured a thread showing people your dog would be a cool idea.

I've got an Australian Bulldog called Bruce who is currently a little over 8 months of age. Quite a big little barstard already and is easily the coolest dog I've ever had. He's a very chilled out dog and is fun to spend time with. He comes everywhere with me pretty much, even to work, and I'm yet to meet someone who hasn't liked him!

Here are a couple of pics of him. I'll post some more up at a later date...


Markos I'm hoping to see some pics of Reggie please mate. You may not be able to make Max pose for a photo for the forum, but I'm sure you should be able to get Reggie to:D Stupidly I forgot to take some photos of Bruce and Reggie together the other day, I'll have to remember to next time!

Righto folks start showing us your dogs...

Cheers and all the best


extra crispy
Awesome dog mate. My Missus wanted to get an Aussie bulldog to hang with our staffy but we ended up getting another staffy LOL. I'll post some pics when I get home from work
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New member
Thanks mate!

Staffy's certainly are cool dogs and I'm looking forward to seeing some pics of yours. I also have a Staffy, but he now lives at my dads place with my dads Staffy. Bruce loves spending time up there harassing those two. They must hate it whenever I take Bruce up there though because they know they will be terrorised until he leaves and he has a ball with charging around with them. It's been funny watching him grow over the past six months. At the start they dwarfed him and now he's almost twice the size of the female and a lot bigger than my male. I'll try and get some photos of those two up here too..

Bruce is also F'ing hopeless with my dads horses and any roos that are hanging around up there. He sees them and charges straight over to them without a care in the world..



New member
ive always wanted a pet dog, hoorah for asian parents and their desire to have a clean house all the time :(

loving the dogs fellas, i like haz's dog from his squat dip video.



Active member
Man Reggie is awesome! How old is he? Breed?

I laugh so hard every time I watch the "squat dip". Absolute classic.


Reggie is 20 months old.

He is a real character.

I cant take him anywhere without people taking videos and pics of him. I got lucky, he is a real standout as a British Bulldog.

He's in the gym most nights


New member
This is Franky - 3 yrs old this december :)

With one of his favourite balls, which he chewed up and popped lol

His t-shirt which he absolutely hates

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Anonymous User
Kapow your poor freaking dog, save him and burn the shirt.

Fluffball is below, that is not his name but he responds to it now :D He is a large Jack Russell, has the little dog syndrome big time as he likes to fight any big dog on his territory, especially the two huge labrador crosses that walk past, the lab that broke into our yard and ate his food (twice), the kelpie that just wanted to play and my bosses huge American Staffy. Funnily enough he runs from the smaller dogs. Go figure.


I like this photo.



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I have Ep1c Calendar kunce
Hey guys just found this thread - here is my new staffy pup! Alfie ....with his Broncos ball lol my gf is a huge broncos fan...

10 weeks old: