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Fucked up Kunce
Please stop the endless abuse and insults.
I want to post not continuously clean up reported posts.

If you don't like some one put them on you ignore list.

I will rest people if I have too.
Remember no one is irreplaceable.

Now please chill out, you know who you are.

Or to use a modern day term, "chilax" :p

Peace and enjoyment.


New member
hahah.... glad you put this up... some people act like children.... if someone calls you a fag or an insult... who cares.... suck it up and move on princess...


Active Member, June10MOTM

No, seriously jealousy is a bitch...


Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
Remember this great post made by FADI


We all know what the word team means; and we also know what a team player means to us all. Here at Ausbb, I'd like to think that we are ALL members of that one single team.

When a team mate is down; we all want to lift him or her up. When a team mate is lost; we all want to show them the way.

We do not kick our team mate when they are down and feeling at their most vulnerable position.

We do not mock and insult our team mate when he or she shows lack of knowledge or understanding in a certain area.

That is not the Aussie way and it's most certainly NOT Ausbb’s way.

The above is not meant to single anyone of you out but rather to put us all on the same leveled playing field.

I say the above to myself before I say it to anyone of you. I am NOT above anyone of you here because I simply know a thing or two. I'm here to learn from the least learned and the least experienced of you all. No one needs to feel intimidated in the least because here at Ausbb, we are ALL equal!

If I fail to abide by the standards I've described above; then I will resign from my position as a moderator and will leave the forum.

If on the other hand you fail to abide by the standards which are set above; then I will make sure that your post is deleted and I'll PM you about it. Failing a second time will have you deal with the administrator.

That was my message to each one of you, (myself first).

Thank you for your time.

Read if you haven't already done so:

Ausbb Moderator,
Fadi Chemaissem.


New member
Thanks Shrek.

FWIW, I really like the atmosphere here at AusBB for the most part. I'm a really new member and like that its not as testosterone laden as some of the other boards I've seen. There is a genuine sense of community and a drive to help each other out to achieve our personal bests.

If someone brings you down or has a go at you, then obviously that's not what should be happening here on AusBB. But at the same time, if you reply or rise to the bait then in effect you're just as guilty as them.

I like Fadi's point about your critics being your biggest asset. They give you a different lens through which to observe yourself and your statements.

Think twice guys, it wouldn't take much to turn the atmosphere on these boards into a less supportive place than it is at present.



Fucked up Kunce
Look, for the most part the forums runs great, just a few little niggles every now and then, but it's nothing I and the other Mods can't handle, I just did not want it to get out of control.

Thanks to everyone, the past couple of days has almost been incident free.



Fucked up Kunce
Just a friendly reminder.
No insults, no flaming, constructive criticism only, report offensive posts rather than bite.
Have fun.



New member
Thanks for this bro.

I tend to open up cans of worms a lot and in the past have been set upon.

Was part of the reason I got bored and left.

Good to be back though.

When wolf packs of like minded cronies set upon someone to bring them down a peg...... kinda sucks.

Have fun and even Agree to disagree, but please keep it nice. My 5 cents :)

Just a friendly reminder.
No insults, no flaming, constructive criticism only, report offensive posts rather than bite.
Have fun.



Private Dancer
You trying to stir things up by typing your post above the thing you quoted, rather than below?

That's a radical shift in forum etiquette bro....just settle down is my advice.

Stiff 2G

SuperDooper Member
Honestly, a good old fashion AUSBB all in brawl would be welcome considering how quiet it is in here ...... you bunch of pansy arse phaggotts.
I remember the AUSBB ballroom blitz. Credit to [MENTION=3034]Rugby88[/MENTION] and [MENTION=8399]0ni[/MENTION] for standing their ground against all comers.
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