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Ps anyone have any suggestions on when i need a belt? I saw one economy belt for $80

I always wear a belt when my pants are too loose, which is most pants i wear outside. My indoor pants don't need a belt though as they are more casual.

$80 is an expensive belt, i got my last belt in target or big w i think.
I hadnt squatted in 2 months due to leg surgery... i did two squat sessions last week but now ive had to have surgery on my hand... is there a way i can continue to squat? Would the squat safety bar be ideal... or should i just keep it simple with body weight squats?

Ps anyone have any suggestions on when i need a belt? I saw one economy belt for $80


What’s the issue? The leg or re hand?
What’s the issue? The leg or re hand?

Leg is healed, just a big scar now that is supposed to be ok for squatting. Had hand surgery today so wont be able to grip hard for at least 2 weeks... so i dont think normal barbell squats will work.

I remember one of my coaches tore his bicep doing deadlifts... he had his surgery then after 6 weeks started squatting... with a safety bar, i think. Wondering if that would work for me.

I dont want to go cold turkey on the weights until hand heals...
Dude, 2 weeks is bugger all.
Do some leg press instead.
Your legs won’t mind, trust me.