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Recent content by bams_101

  1. bams_101

    FS - Weight Plates and a pair of Gym Chains (Melb)

    Won an auction on eBay and it contained weight plates I didn't need. The chains are the last pair I have from a thread that I made a while back. - 2 x 20kg Olympic Rubber Coated Plates in good condition, $70 ono for both. - 38kg of various AP Sports Standard Weight Plates, good condition no...
  2. bams_101

    Surgery before comp

    So I've been training for a gym comp on 29th June and have just found out a surgery I was planning to have in Aug/Sept now has to happen on May 27th due to Doc being away from July to mid Oct. It is a gym comp but I was preparing for it properly as it's my first comp and this threw a little...
  3. bams_101

    Pushup and Pullup Conditioning

    A little while ago Martin Rooney put an article up about 100 pushups in 4 minutes (T NATION 4-Minute Push-Up Test) but I thought the addition of pullups would make a big difference. So I've been adding this challenge to the end of my Speed Bench session to increase work capacity. Either 100...
  4. bams_101

    No Bull Supps - Customer Service Review

    So I decided to give No Bull Supplements a try after a lot of good reviews on this site of their products. So I ordered Creatine, WPC and some beef jerky. The problem was that it was never delivered. As I chased up with NBS, they said that it WAS delivered to my property and that since there...
  5. bams_101

    Chest Supported Row

    Anybody know any places that sell these in Aus? I've seen a bunch of different leverage type pieces but no CSR's. Might even make one from scratch out of an old bench and a bar.
  6. bams_101


    Hey all, I'm looking at doing some further education and just wondering what options there are for strength/performance training in Australia. I think we all know the Cert 3/4 Fitness courses are fairly average at around 8 weeks Full Time. Then there is Human movement/Sports Science at...
  7. bams_101

    Inzer Z suit

    Just got some Inzer gear from the states including an Inzer Z suit. Not sure if its tight and I have to get used to it or if its actually too small. I'm 5'10, 92-93kg with a 26.5" upper thigh (where the bottom of the suit leg is) Ordered a size 35 which is for 97kg-106kg cause I wanted it...
  8. bams_101

    Donnie Thomspon Shoulder Mobility Vid

    SuperDtv Shoulder Mobility Work for Lifters! - YouTube Man has a lot of great ideas with regards to distracting the joint. Check him out.
  9. bams_101

    George Leeman releases his fury!

    Steroids For Cheaters! - YouTube George Leeman 765x8 deadlift - YouTube
  10. bams_101

    CAPO Nat Deadlift Comps Dec

    Just thought I'd start a thread to see who was planning to going to any of these comps this weekend either as competitors or spectators. They are in TAS, NSW, VIC and QLD this coming Saturday December 8th. WA had theirs yesterday, and if anyone knows results post them up. I'm planning on...
  11. bams_101

    Gear Order

    Dunno if anybody is interested but I'm putting an order TODAY in to House of Pain in the states. A bit of the Inzer stuff is 15% off the already cheap US prices so If anybody wants to split shipping ($40 or $80 flat rates) let me know.
  12. bams_101

    Eric Lilliebridge WR Raw Squat

    Breaking the 275lb/125kg WR Raw w/wraps squat by 11lbs for a monster 881lb/400kg squat! Eric Lilliebridge- 400kgs (881lb) World Record Raw Squat W/ Wraps @ 271lbs - YouTube
  13. bams_101

    Spoto and Efferding Raw Benching

    Eric Spoto and Stan Efferding doing some raw bench about a month out from the ST meet in November. Gonna be crazy! Eric Spoto 705 RAW Bench! Stan Efferding 545 x 2! EVERY SET | ProvingItDVD.com - YouTube